Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-27-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions 2-27-14

Iraqi Dinar Guru opinions/predictions2-27-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday there is report out that is an opinion piece about the US holding up the reform of Iraq`s currency — i want to address this. one thing is an opinion is a statement given that has no proof or facts that can be verified. this is a fact — the US does not own or operate Iraq — they have gained their independence and also the IMF is through compliance not voting. this is a huge global event that has been called that in a huge number of countries as we have seen and will have a global effect…as it was stated in and by Iraq — the Globe is depending on this to effect the economic condition so i see nothing anywhere that would give legal rights to or power to the US to hold up the Dinar.

2-27-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [are there any exactly specific steps to be made by either the CBI or the MOF or the GOI that we should be looking for that will tell us that progress is being made toward IQD International Tradability at a new rate?] I’ll go with HCL then an announcement by the CBI alerting everyone to the new rate.

2-27-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Parliament Agenda for 2-27-2014 – I am not going to slug through the things listed on the agenda…but merely want to draw your attention to the fact that they have many laws in which they are reading/voting upon…but no budget as yet.

2-27-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni [could the GOI be waiting on a rate from the CBI and stalling until then?] I think the CBI has been ready for a while. So IMO no. [but the CBI controls the rate – you really think they’re waiting on the GOI?] it is clear that Maliki interferes in monetary policy. I have statements, from the IMF, WB and even the US Embassy over the last year telling him to stay out of monetary policy. [has the CBI done all it’s supposed to? Like reaching that 2% & pulling enough 000 off the street?] unlikely they are in compliance. But IMO, compliance or the 2% can be done quickly within 30 days or less. [so if they’re not in compliance, how could they be ready?] it depends on what your trying to achieve. IMF Article VIII they need to be in compliance, to raise the value, they can do that anytime.

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [With currencies in Turkey, Greece, EU in general, Argentina, South Africa losing their value and hyper inflation taking place, and now Ukraine going through Bank runs and civil unrest (brink of war…China economy showing signs of collapse. Talk has been discussed of a Global Reset on all currencies. I assume this would mean “all” currencies . What view would these factors have on your thinking the IQD would be involved at the same occurrence…or would the IQD be independent of the imploding countries?] Whenever I hear the term “global currency reset” I wince… half the stuff you will read on it is…conspiracy stuff, 25% of it is simply misinformed regurgitated confusion, and the other 25% is a mix of fruits and berries and maybe a little accurate information. With that said…every country will always have a value unique to their political stability, assets, etc. Regardless of when or how or where any other country “resets” or “revalues” their currency, Iraq is not China, Ukraine, or any other country. Iraq’s situation depends on Iraq’s actions.

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Millionday Quote: “Called on the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and the Supreme Judicial Council, the ministries and departments not associated with the Ministry and the provincial councils and all not to enter any financial obligations in foreign currency amounts paid within Iraq and that commitment is performed exclusively in Iraqi dinars.” this is the call to make only the dinar the national currency in order to apply rates and reality, pricing etc — move forward. what this says is that the contracts will be able to be activated that have been written for Iraq and foreign contractors. this is one of the steps they require to apply the rate change make the country use the dinar. [no more dual currency, a wto requirement.] exactly.

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Aggiedad77 Article: “American Firms Line Up for Kurdistan, as Erbil Mulls US Ties” A long list of American firms are reaching out into the Kurdistan region….this list includes name brand hotels, Pizza Hut, Cinnabon, and Ace Hardware…as prolific as this list may sound…though political relations between the Kurds and the US are strained at the moment…the Kurds do welcome US businesses into the region…and they are heavily active in the oil and gas sector as well as security and construction.

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [My question is what is your Intel telling you about RV, sometime this year? The reason I ask is because we are seeing the same thing regarding Iraq year after year and no RV.] I disagree – we haven’t seen “same thing year after year”! Chapter 7 has been released, we are seeing constant progress on the HCL, and so on! When will it happen? Today, tomorrow or anytime after that.

2-26-2014 Intel Guru DC They have paused the process many times since Friday. They have dragged everyone in and they have started to lock down the banks and the Treasury. That’s going on right now, we are in the automated part of the process. Can they stop it? Yes, but you have to go through it to get to it. In the past 24 hours there were last minute adjustments. A few things were addressed and solved on Monday. Then there was discrepancy in CBI with their tech systems and accounting. They were running through checklist and it was completed at 1pm today. They have started actual RV process…pray this is the last time we have to go through this.

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Adam Montana [What is the main reason(s) the CBI is waitin’ on to make their move to RV/RI the dinar in correlation to the HCL issues…and if it’s not just the HCL what’s your take on the issues involved.] I’m leaning towards “mostly HCL”. I think people start to lose sight of how important that is when as time goes on, but it is still probably THE most important factor right now.

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni Article: “Iraqi diplomat: Washington refuses to reset the dinar and its biggest loser” This is a huge article if its true. What I am getting from this is that Iraq wants to reset (what do they mean by reset) the dinar and the US is refusing to let that happen…and hence the new plan to “gradually appreciate” the dinar. Could it be that the two sides to this currency issues …is that Maliki is standing up for the US side?

2-26-2014 Newshound Guru Kaperoni This could be for many reasons as we don’t know the intent. It could be the US wants political stability? Or they would not let the Iraqi’s have value until the violence is under control? we just dont know the motivations. Or does Iraq want to LOP and the US is keeping them from doing so? IMO, I would think its more in line with Iraq not meeting some conditions than anything else.