Iraqi banks and citizenship

Iraqi banks and citizenship


Iraqi banks and citizenshipSami Jawad Kazem
Every citizen has responsibilities for the sake of his homeland and the love of the homeland from faith when you find your identity in it and the responsibility is represented in his actions at the various levels in which he is present. This is one aspect and another aspect in Iraq after the fall, dozens of private banks appeared and apart from how they were established, the way they work and the legitimacy of their gains, they are facing a legitimate responsibility in terms of the legitimacy of money and nation building.

The common denominator in the dealings between these banks and the beneficiaries is money and the most traded dollar, and this currency gains its strength from the strength of the American recklessness against the peoples of the world, otherwise there is no balance of gold, and there is something that prevents OPEC from not dealing with this currency and the barrier is a malicious politician in which there are secrets that only God and the agent rulers know.

Iraqi banks are well aware of the suffering of Iraq from the American policy since it set foot in Iraq and its occupation of the presidential palace to make it an embassy subject to the (CIA) to manipulate the fate of the Iraqis, so why, O banks, do you deal in dollars and surrender your necks to America? Why not deal in different currencies? Rather, the disaster today has become loans in dollars and sold on credit at a price other than the Iraqi currency, given that there is a legitimate license for this transaction.

Shouldn’t banks rely primarily on the Iraqi currency and the rest of all world currencies, including the dollar, but when you, the Iraqi bank, are exposed to this American blackmail, why don’t you make the dollar under your feet? Are there material losses that you are exposed to? Know that the real loss is the American humiliation of those who trade in their malicious currency.

Do banks work only on commissions in savings, transfers and exchanges? This is not to mention the suspicions of corruption that grip the noses in the stock exchange of selling foreign currency, i.e. the dollar at the official rate, in the days when its price was (118) thousand for one hundred dollars, and the late Ahmed Chalabi referred to it at the time, and the work of some banks was money laundering. Why do they not have investments in industrial, commercial and agricultural companies and the interest is according to the percentage of profits so that they avoid usurious transactions, but unfortunately all of them are mostly usury by legal fraud.

Personally, I was subjected to irresponsible behavior by my family bank. I handed him an installment for a private college, and after counting the amount, he asked me for fifty thousand dinars. I told him why he said a commission. Another family bank, in which my friend deposited ten million, and when he wanted to withdraw it, they refused to hand him the amount, so an employee called him, saying to him, “Give me (250) thousand dinars so that I can withdraw the amount for you.”

I return to the malicious currency, the dollar, which manipulates the economies of the world, and the strongest of them is citizenship, and the correct work to strengthen our currency and revive investment in our country according to the conditions we impose.

The days of Imam al-Baqir, peace be upon him, when the king of the Romans threatened the Umayyad caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan to put a non-Islamic slogan on the currency because they were relying on them.

The responsible authorities must set strict laws on the work of banks, and the owners of Iraqi banks must support the government for the sake of the Iraqi economy.