Iraq “the heart of the dollar,” the spring to feed the economy of neighboring countries in danger of collapse

Specialists: Iraq “the heart of the dollar,” the spring to feed the economy of neighboring countries in danger of collapse

Date: 03/10/2012 12:56:32 Wednesday

Baghdad (news) / report / dreams Furaiji / .. Greenback chronic case of high demand it, as a result insatiable customers and thirst semi-permanent hard currency, in Iraq.
as influenced by demand for the dollar by several factors, including external relation to situations of regional states, particularly Iran and Syria, and other internal related policy the central bank. director Warka Bank Previous Mohammed al-Samarrai attributed the causes of the increased demand for the dollar to the high demand for imported goods. described the Samurai Iraq that it has become “the heart of the dollar” as a result of the siege imposed on Iran and Syria, what made them turning to him to secure what they need hard currency through commercial transactions. economic expert Bassem Jamil Antoine, explained: that Syria and Iran need to a strong currency to save the economy from imminent collapse, so they resort to pull over what they can of hard currency from Iraq in various ways. added: that Iran carried out economic plans to outsource its economy, including cutting the River Lalonde to dry land Iraqi agricultural and create a crisis in the agricultural products, thus forcing Iraq to increase import from Iran in hard currency. explained: that one of the plans the central bank to raise the exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar is increasing the supply of the dollar in banks and banking offices, to reduce demand and reduce its price, which facilitated operations The dollar traded profusely. For his part, said a member of the Finance Committee MP / coalition in Iraq / Hassan Ozmn (of the Agency news): The political situation flip-flops in the Middle East and slowing economic growth Arab stimulated to make recourse to the dollar as the currency guaranteed to improved economic conditions. explained : to tighten the economic embargo on Iran and Syria make them need to coin sober for ambulance economy threatened to fall, no choice in front of them the best of Iraq to achieve this end, through trade. between Ozmn: that some citizens and venture capitalists have to transfer their money to the U.S. dollar to countries safer for fear of a stretch crisis Syrian and Iranian to Iraq, increasing demand for the dollar. accordingly stressed economic analyst Ibrahim al-Mashhadani (of the Agency news): that the complex conditions in the neighboring countries has made the U.S. dollar the currency safer than the Iraqi dinar and increased demand it. pointed to : that some mafias Iraqi cooperating with the totals of Iranian and Syrian to pull the dollar from Iraqi banks and convert them into neighboring countries a higher price to prop up the economy Iranian and Syrian. added: that the dollar is the base currency for some traders in their dealings trade with other countries. said Mashhadani: that the value of the Iraqi dinar weak against the dollar due to inflation-winning and high commodity prices locally, indicating that the presence of zeros in the Iraqi currency make them block large cash vulnerable to theft and fraud, prompting some citizens to convert to dollars to keep them from any dangers are internal or external. / end / 21. d. Q /
Source: ikhnews