Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds by 31% in June

Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds by 31% in June

16 August 2019 03:44 PM

Iraq raises its holdings of US bonds by 31percent in JuneMubasher: Iraq increased its holdings of US Treasury bonds in June 2019, by 30.94 percent year on year.

According to Treasury data, Iraq’s holdings of US bonds rose to $ 34.7 billion, up from $ 26.5 billion in June 2018.

Iraq bought US $ 300 million in June.

On a monthly basis, Iraq’s ownership of US bonds rose marginally by 0.87 percent in June 2019, compared with its May value of $ 34.4 billion.

The ownership of Iraq has increased US bonds since the beginning of this year, about $ 100 million; compared to its ownership at the end of 2018, which was $ 34.6 billion.

Iraq ranked 31st globally among the holders of US Treasury bonds and the fourth in the Arab world, after Saudi Arabia, which ranks 11 globally and first Arab at $ 179.6 billion, the United Arab Emirates ranked 22 globally and the second Arab at $ 51.5 billion, and Kuwait ranked 27 globally and third $ 44.4 billion.

The reversal of the US bond yield curve raised fears of a US recession as government debt yields fell for 30 years to an all-time low.

Globally, Japan took the top spot with US $ 1.122 trillion in bonds, followed by China with $ 1.112 trillion and the UK with $ 341.1 billion.

The world’s total holdings of US Treasury bonds in June were $ 6.636 trillion, compared with $ 6.539 trillion in May.

It is noteworthy that what is disclosed by the US Treasury in its monthly data is the Gulf countries’ investments in US Treasury bills and bonds only, and do not include those other investments in the United States, whether governmental or private.