Iraq is counting on Saudi investment during Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to Riyadh

Iraq is counting on Saudi investment during Al-Kazemi’s upcoming visit to Riyadh

7/16/2020 12:34

Iraq is counting on Saudi investment during Al-Kazemis upcoming visit to Riyadh[Baghdad_Yain]
The Iraqi Minister of Finance, Ali Abdul Amir Alawi, revealed today, Thursday, the signing of a number of agreements during a forthcoming visit by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to Saudi Arabia.
This visit will be the first foreign station for Al-Kazemi since he assumed the presidency of the Iraqi government last May.

Al-Kazemi will also conduct visits to Iran, America and Europe.

Allawi said, in statements to the Saudi “Al-Hadath” station, that the prime minister’s visit to Saudi Arabia will be next Monday, stressing that the visit to the Kingdom is important and Iraq seeks through it to strengthen relations with it.

The minister added that the ports will be opened with Saudi Arabia soon for commercial exchange, indicating that there are great opportunities for investment by the Saudi private sector in Iraq.

He continued, “We seek a strong relationship with neighboring countries that respect our sovereignty, and Iraq should take its political and economic position away from the politics of the axes.”

The Minister of Finance stated that the Al-Kazimi government cannot be held responsible for the financial problems Iraq is going through, pointing out that more than 10% of the employees are “aliens” and double salaries, he said.

Allawi stressed that the government fights corruption with all force in all state institutions, indicating that the economic situation is bad and is working to strengthen it through non-oil resources.