In Figures .. Al-Saadi reveals to the Euphrates shocking facts about the files of corruption

In Figures .. Al-Saadi reveals to the Euphrates shocking facts about the files of corruption and arms deals and “Raymond Zeina” {expanded}

2019/2/3 0:28

In Figures .. Al-Saadi reveals to the Euphrates shocking facts about the files of corruption(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) The head of the reform and reconstruction bloc MP Sabah al-Saadi disclosed serious files of corruption and funds of investment budgets since 2006 to 2019.
“Those who fight corruption in Iraq are a group of corrupt and incompetent who control the administration of the state,” Saadi told AFP. “Those who fought corruption and exposed the files of the officials, the political and security scissors, and Rahim al-Ukaili, head of the former integrity committee.”
He added that “Ukaili opened files of corruption and corruption related to senior officials and investors in large parties and regional cooperation and stopped a government decision in 2011 and threatened the file of uprooting or resign,” noting that “the lack of genuine political will and government to combat corruption.”
“The minister said that” [100] Minister in five governments, including [38] ministers have orders to arrest and no minister currently in prison and seized by the former trade minister Falah al-Sudani included the amnesty law and released, “noting that” the anti-corruption process has two preventive aspects And the fight and within the prevention to strike an iron fist on the corrupt and not to judge them and then go out with amnesty. ”
He pointed out that “politicians do not care to remind Iraq of the list of the worst corruption, because the issue of fighting corruption must be faith in the mind and not as a function as it is now.”
On the investment budgets that were spent from 2006 to 2019 Saadi said that “the amounts of investment spent in 2006 to 2019, ie during (13) years at least in any year of these years were not for the investment budget to serve the provinces, only $ 30 billion, {13} years estimated at {350} billion dollars, 70% of which went to corruption.
He pointed out that “an anti-corruption council was established under my supervision in the House of Representatives and the Integrity Committee in 2007. The meetings were attended by the former Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, the current Central Bank Governor Ali Al-Alaq, the Chief Justice of the Integrity Investigation Committee Majid Al-Araji, the Chairman of the Integrity Commission, “He said.
“The idea of ​​the Council was to have a specific scheduling of large corruption cases such as (oil for medicine and ration card) and the expenditure from 2006 to 2019 about [80] billion dollars, and more than {56} billion dollars disbursed to the electricity sector, Iraqi power generators to provide energy for his home {78} billion dollars.
He added: “When the files of electricity, health, chemical and the issue of medicine, arming and equipping of the security forces have been established and there has been a great momentum on the officials, the former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki ordered the formation of the Supreme Council for Combating Corruption and ruled out the Parliamentary Integrity Committee and made the Council a component headed by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, Finance and the Chief Prosecutor and some coordinators in the Inspectors General. ”
In response to a question about the objection of some deputies to the anti-corruption council, Saadi said, “They are afraid of the extension of the executive authority in tasks related to the issue of combating corruption may withdraw their powers in the fight against corruption,” noting that “the Anti-Corruption Council is a coordinating council and my message to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi Not to delve into theoretical matters but to look at the big files of corruption. ”
As for the failed sonar and the Russian arms deal, the head of the parliamentary reform and reconstruction bloc said that “whoever signed the sonar deal should be tried to kill the Iraqis and steal Iraqi money. The Russian arms deal is not a single deal, but I think this deal was not done. Slovakia, Jake and Ukraine valued at $ 4 billion, which we called the “Bessarab Shuaiba” champion of the deal are foreign investors in Iraq working for non-Iraqi parties outside Iraq.
Abizaid said that “the best evidence of this example, the company {Raymond Zeina} one of the largest arms dealers in Lebanon and the president of the company named (Ali Fayyad) Lebanese represents parties in Lebanon, which invests in Iraq and found that (Raymond Zeina) not only in the weapons sector, Electricity and health sectors, and there is another man dominating the status of Basra, a friend of Al-Hajji. ”
“Saadi said that” Britain and America did not deal positively with the file theft of Iraq’s money and with the corruption as most of them have the nationality of the two countries, “asserting” the return of some convicts accused of outside Iraq and took parliamentary seats now. ”
Al-Saadi concluded by saying that “in the 2012 elections I was excluded from the nomination because of the lawsuits that were brought against me, which reached the issue of (honor) and the judiciary deals with papers.”