Head of the Bank of the economy: you must modify the decision of the Ministry of Finance to deal with the prevention of private banks

On: Sun 29/04/2012 8:21

Baghdad (news) .. The President of the Board of Directors of Bank of the economy Husam Obeid, the importance of the amendment to the former Finance Minister Bayan, which prevent the deal the state departments with private banks, calling it the decision “wrong” being the size of the role of private banks in the performance of its duties banking. 
Obaid said (of the Agency news) : it has become necessary to amend the resolution issued by former Finance Minister Baqir Jabr by both houses of parliament, ministers and even the Ministry of the current fiscal, which prevent the deal the state departments and ministries in absolute terms with private banks, making their work is limited only to issue letters of credit and accept deposits of some people. 
He added that it was behind the problems and obstacles basic suffered by the private banks are responsible politicians they render decisions do not serve the work of Iraqi banks, and continued: “We met with senior government officials and Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi to amend this resolution, but it appears that there is a direct negative in front of private banks and there was no government support to them. 
called the chairman of Bank of the economy to: the need to support private banks own and urged departments and ministries of the state to deal with them in order to be Iraq’s international banks solid Odhu capital considerably. / Finished / 8. n. r /