Governor of Central Bank: the amount of counterfeit securities compared to a few of the coin issued for circulation in the market

Last Updated: 03/18/2012

According to Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi that the central bank did not indicate a significant increase in the rates of counterfeiting of the Iraqi dinar in the statistics as well as monthly time series of fake from 2004 until 2011. Shabibi said in response to questions directed to him by a member of the Economic Commission parliamentary Hussein Almrobei that the amount of paperwork counterfeit few for the… currency-exporting ticker, indicating that the central bank regulates the induction of the Iraqi currency and consistently to all workers in the field of criticism, including the branches of the bank and all banks. He added that the bank organizes Duarte identifiable security agencies through the matching currency, the real with fake.    Shabibi noted that the bank has a report showing rates of counterfeiting is the string of time in question, available to all those who want to read it.    Press reports had spoken of turning Iraq into a center for counterfeiting in the region after the spread of gangs specializing in rigging, domestic and foreign currencies in various Iraqi cities, as quoted by the reports of Iraqi economists saying that there are foreign countries have old ones with Iraq contributing to the making or passing counterfeit currency into the country in order to sabotage the Iraqi economy.