Financial rep to discuss the issue of fraud $ 7 trillion Iraqi dinars this week

Financial representative to discuss the issue of fraud $ 7 trillion Iraqi dinars this week

25/06/2012 08:16

Erbil, June 24 (Rn) – The Finance Committee representative, Sunday, the issue of fraud anonymous on the Iraqi government will be discussed this week. and shape of Iraq in April last of an investigative committee for the detection of scams. $ 7 trillion Iraqi dinars using forged documents. The phenomenon is the second of its kind suffered by Iraq of fraud by the unidentified bodies after trying to steal $ 1.7 billion in contracts Ibrmthma the Ministry of Electricity with two turned out they were two companies and Hmytan. said committee member Najiba Najib told the Kurdish news agency (Rn) “I think that the project will be addressed to him tomorrow or the day after the Finance Committee to achieve results. ” offering some Iraqi banks over the past years to the robberies armed the most prominent bank Azwaip in the Karrada district of central Baghdad in 2009, which was stolen from him nearly 6.5 billion Iraqi dinars, and the Rafidain Bank in Najaf, which was stolen from him in 2010 about 6 billion Iraqi dinars. said Najib is Deputy for the Kurdistan Alliance that “the Commission investigative special will be discussions of this topic during the next two days or before the end of the week at the latest.” When asked about the possibility of hosting the officials said Najib, “Yes. are contained in what will be determined by discussions of there is a need or not to host the officials on the matter. ” The Finance Committee representative said recently that the attempted robbery was about to be in two phases the first $ 7 trillion and the second amount larger. and the Ministry of Finance announced that he was to foil the attempt to transfer the amount. Karwan Joseph

Source: aknews