Finance committee prepares to meet with CBI next week to discuss new currency designs and categories

Finance parliamentary discussing with the Central Bank of new currency designs

the parliamentary finance committee, next week, in an interview with representatives of the Central Bank, most notably several issues of the new currency designs and categories.

The Central Bank is working to switch the currency and contribute to the Finance Committee in its work through the selection of designs and procedures for the currency as many have the power to control.

Said committee member Magda al-Tamimi’s / JD /: “The Committee will meet with Central Bank Governor Sinan Shabibi to complement the themes that were presented to them.”

said Tamimi, “that the Committee addressed the procedures for switching currency, design, categories, and the safety factor, and discuss measures to control the switch currency” .

According to a member of the Finance Committee’s parliamentary MP for the Liberal bloc “that the Committee will be on a visit to the Central Bank next week, the exchange value of the dinar against the dollar and so on.”

continues the central bank steps to delete the zeros of the three currency and demanded the government to wait changing money until another time, and was the bank had noted earlier its intention put the new currency in early 2013. to that shown by the Economic Commission Nora Albjara support for its project to delete the zeros and the replacement of the existing currency, while the central bank announced its disagreement to print new currency for the time being.

said Albjara according to / Baghdadiya News /, The Committee on the Economy and Investment parliamentary and a number of Council members support the project to replace and delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency is present, indicating that the problems that surfaced recently make us to the problem must be accelerated to finding a solution to it.

She added that “large quantities of counterfeit currency, which detect forged out of the country and the attributes of high accuracy, makes us in front of a big job to put an end to this organized crime. “

She Albjara fear that is the configuration of such crimes, calling the central bank to tighten control over the replacement, even if the replacement process will continue for two years by see also long enough to make any checks. “

For his part, denied that the central bank agreed with the two companies Oorbetin to print the new Iraqi dinar after deleting three zeros from it, stressing that he is now in the process of gathering information and preparing designs and consultation with the government on the issue of restructuring of the Iraqi currency and deleting three zeros them. stated Rep. Hamid rest of the claimants not to include the Kurdish language in the new currency, saying that the constitution stipulated that Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages of Iraq, saying its refusal in the region if they are free currency “demilitarized zeros” of Kurdish.

and said the rest of the Constitution confirmed in Article (4) that the Arabic and Kurdish are the official languages of Iraq and the scope of the official language of all government issuance in both languages and issued by the House of Representatives, ministers, courts and other areas that require the principle of equality (Kjeridh official banknotes and passport). He added: Since the new currency the deleted zeros is the official currency of Iraq must be issued in both Arabic and Kurdish as stipulated in the Constitution, pointing out that the claimants include currency Arabic alone, “they think they are still living the central system dictatorship that believes Baltsultah and socialism.”

He said: In case of issuance of the new currency after you delete the zeros of the three of them without the pretext of the Kurdish language to the legislation that they need a law or constitutional amendments will be rejected outright in the region and not to deal with.