Fayez: control the country and Gulf money in the Central Bank of baseless rumors

A member of the Committee on Economic, Alastthmarwalaamar parliamentary that مايتردد over control money Qatari and Gulf capitals CBI just rumors and groundless on the ground at the time warned deputy for the Iraqi List Sunday, from Iraq’s transition to a global system for money laundering.

Said committee member Amer Al-Fayez’s (Citizen): »that the rumors in the media about control money Qatari and Gulf is inaccurate which rumors groundless on the ground». added »that the Commission has no evidence to this aspect and every Matsamah is from the media only».

explaining »Central Bank the control in this regard and I do not think that is leaking money Qatari and Gulf to the bank that easy». his part, MP for the Iraqi List Haider Mulla, Sunday, «We collected 140 signatures from various parliamentary blocs to form a committee to investigate policies CBI during the past four months», noting that «the committee that will depend a roadmap in its work to control the foreign capital in the national banks ».

said, that «one of the problems facing Iraqi banks because of the policies of the Central Bank predominance foreign capital; because it will lead to Iraq’s transition to part of system-money laundering international», noting that «the predominance of foreign capital can lead to the use of the system cash Iraqi political purposes ».

said Mullah to a «Lebanese banks operating in Iraq with a capital of $ 5 million and buy a currency from the central $ 7 – $ 12 million a day and make a profit of up to 6 percent», indicating that «these banks provide them with privileges absolutely does not provide for the Iraqi banks in those countries according to the principle of reciprocity ».

and Mulla said, that «these banks operate according political agendas through the support of some political parties», pointing, to «control external funds on some Iraqi banks sink Mansour, credit and Baghdad». Central Bank of Iraq during the last four months may have harmed the Iraqi economy