Faisal Alheims for the morning {}: {TBI} deals with 400 international bank

Faisal Alheims for the morning {}: {TBI} deals with 400 international bank

26/10/2016 0:00

TBI deals with 400 international bankBAGHDAD / Farah pumice
said Director General of the Trade Bank of Iraq (TBI) Faisal Alheims coordination and dealing with 400 bank around the world. He Alheims in the interview with the “morning” dialogue: that the bank , such as a quantum leap in the Iraqi banking sector over the 13 years since its inception in 2003, to achieve a strong performance at the lowest cost by investing technology and cutting out paper transactions that provides extra aggressive recruitment costs. This comes at a time when the announced that the size of the annual appropriations implemented for government departments and ministries of 15 – 16 billion Dolar.ovi What follows is the text:
achieving import requirements
* What is the purpose of the establishment of TBI?
– The bank was established to facilitate the imports of the government in various ministries and services and focus on achieving this goal.
* How the bank began its work and what its nature?
– the basis of his work is to achieve the import requirements of the central government in various ministries and departments, and Chabna to finance local governments to achieve its objectives and the development of their communities and begin to branch network for the development of the banking process of the interaction of the individual with the Bank through other means including e – cards and network clouds electronic cross – sections, as well as the private sector segment of traders across a network of bank branches and open the way to achieve the requirements of foreign trade through documentary credits.
* What is the role of your bank in the banking sector reform process?
– with the changes that took place last June in banking sector reform began TBI in the development of e – channels to achieve efficiency in the performance and development of the banking sector in Iraq through the banking products and business progress of the Iraqi market for the first time, and we’re going to open the branch No. 22 in Baghdad with new ideas and will Onmozjia its services and its appearance outstanding new page in banking transactions.

loans are conditions
* Maalve characterizes the section 22 from the rest of the other branches?
– would be a new look highlights the strategic objectives that were agreed upon within the board of Directors as an action plan for the next three years to deal with transparency and cooperation with the public inside Iraq or correspondent banks outside of Iraq, and in an orderly manner and planned across full strategy will be launched in a month this December , including the new branch , which will represent the values and future trends, will also provide new services for the first time , including cash deposit through the machine without the presence of Treasurer and there will be a section dedicated to customers outstanding, and there are conditions for outstanding client in terms of volume of transactions with the bank , as it would have a specialized department and look different to highlight the bank ‘s ability to understand the needs and speed of delivery, in addition to that department for the management of companies and the daily work of the bank, but for the citizens he will find loans are available under certain conditions if it coincided with the requirements will be provided within the new branch and new mechanisms and the speed of specific achievement, as well as create a circle following the acts of the bank and held accountable in the event of foot – dragging by the branch.
* do you think, how the success of this new experience ratio will amount to ?
– the possibility of success of 100 percent , which is a quantum leap similar to offers in other countries, and that this experience helps to approach the gap between Iraq and his counterpart from the countries of the world. the

needs of ministries and departments
* Since the bank is responsible for foreign trade, what are the mechanisms in place?
– every ministry and department has its requirements for certain materials not available in the Iraqi market is up the process of transferring money to open letters of credit, especially as the TBI Bank him deal with correspondent banks in various countries around the world and be the appropriation acceptable to the beneficiary of the credit, determined by the ability of financial bank and meet its obligations.
* how many of those foreign banks that do you deal with it?
– the fact that the bank correspondents network of more than 400 bank around the world and build a good reputation through the size of our business and to meet our commitments and transparency Ptaamlna and our adherence to the requirements of compliance and money laundering , which sends comfort to global banks (correspondence) in dealing with us.
financing entities invested
* Welcome estimated financial turnover at your bank a year?
– annually performs for government departments and ministries between 15-16 billion dollars through bank credits.
* from the bank to contribute to the tasks in the reconstruction operations, what the nature of this contribution?
– are made through two routes the first dealing with donors to receive and accept the money you spend through non – profit organizations overseeing the reconstruction, according to the agreement with the government , whether grants or loans and provision of Supervisors on reconstruction, while the second way which finance local governments and enable businessmen or traders manner lending for infrastructure projects, according to the conditions.
* is there an intention to open branches in the liberated areas?
– the bank was the only participant in the gallery reconstruction of liberated areas, which is a great honor to be part of the bank in the reconstruction of these areas after efforts by the security forces and the popular crowd, especially as the TBI was going to open branches in the liberated areas , including the opening of Salahuddin province , a branch which is under construction , along with the rehabilitation of the bank ‘s branch in Ramadi.

contributions to service projects
* what the impact of the financial crisis and low oil prices on the bank?
– certainly weighed heavily in his works, especially as the bulk of the work of the bank associated with the work of ministries and government departments, the drop in oil prices led to reduced activities of the ministries and government departments what is the effect in the work of TBI, but in the last time the bank has seen an improvement in financial transactions , especially after the slight improvement in oil prices to the international support provided by the donor countries and the international Monetary Fund , which the government uses to fill some of the needs of the ministries, departments and support for military operations and reconstruction of liberated areas.
* how to handle the bank with investors who wish to coordinate with him?
– the investor is free to deal with TBI or with any other bank to enter his property, either as it got financing with TBI with most often Agreement attribute their dues for the benefit of the designated project depends on the quality of the projects, there are many projects over the past 13 years , notably the project Basmajh well as the prioritization service projects that benefit the citizens as projects electricity, residential and industrial.
* from the bank attributes to provide competing services to banks and other, what?
– from the very beginning the bank relied on the dissemination of technical an approach that we continue to work it, as the bank raises new services offering for the first time in Iraq, as it kept pace with the means electronic tools harmonious with the system
bank account .

retail lending conditions
* Does the bank grants loans to citizens?
– there is a new mechanism formulated by the retail banking Division is responsible for the branches which is under study, for presentation by the credit department to the Committee credit approval and will offer these products to citizens as needed, according to the conditions and guarantees and requirements to provide assistance by the Bank, as citizens submit his application to study and five days beyond to obtaining the approval of the bank in the process of incorporation and its overall without exceptions provided through the branch network, either for funding or lending companies depends on the project and its size and capabilities
* How Tsnfon terms and repayment periods?
– lending conditions for trade finance is as agreed in the contract between the bank and the beneficiary of the loan, either repayment periods , according to the feasibility study and revealed the cash flow of the project and the data submitted for the project, as the loan is granted in stages and make sure from using its primary objective, while consumer finance will be through specific terms and if matched treatment citizen generalized terms, the branch binding procuring final approvals in five days, while the repayment period will be up to four years.
* what is the use of credit cards, and how they are educating citizens the acquisition?
– for credit cards , it facilitates the use of shopping via the internet or shops and branched out of its presence on the level of credit and facilitate financial trade and expanded these services at the present time to be part of the cash withdrawals available calculates the individuals in addition to credit operations, either educate citizens are the togetherness of all the government and private banks for the deployment of the infrastructure and construction to be used more to provide the tools, and our bank is seeking this goal, but it needs time and effort. The

central bank instructions
* What do you add to the work of previous administrations, and how at EMWIS?
– every administration has its ups and downs and we we invest these successes and venerated, especially as the bank took a transparent his handling Aalmyat approach which is complying and is committed to the instructions of the Central Bank in terms of compliance and money laundering in terms of procedures and instructions required by correspondent banks for the exercise of the Bank ‘s business, especially now that the bank offers all that is new to send messages of reassurance to those who are dealing with it within and out of Iraq through a commitment to transparency and strengthened, while the new formula, the bank in the process of hiring one auditor international scrutiny and review process of management of the bank to comply with money laundering, where media correspondent banks (global banks that deal with TBI) as well as flags of the central bank to limit the operations money laundering that could contribute to the strengthening of terrorism, and it is here where the role of the bank to stand with the Iraqi government to deal with the terrorist operations
and financing.