Expert to rule out the return of the dollar price of the real .. And the likely stability when (1226) DT

 Expert to rule out the return of the dollar price of the real .. And the likely stability when (1226) DT

Date: Monday 16/4/2012 8:26

Baghdad (news) .. Ruled out the financial expert Ismail Radi return of the dollar to the exchange rate real in front of the dinar, which had settled on a price (1117) JD, likely stability of the price (1226) dinars in the coming period. 
Radi said (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The Central Bank worked hard during the past to keep the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar through monetary policy, which made ​​the Iraqi dinar is stable at (1117) to the U.S. dollar, but he now has control of the local markets due to the presence of… internal and external challenges have led to increase the value of the dollar against the dinar. 
He added that the central bank increased its sales of hard currency “dollar” during the current year from (160) million dollars a day to (250) million dollars a day, and can not sell more than the amount specified current, as it will lead to the entry into force of the hard currency of the country, although that its presence supports the local currency as serve as a cover to it. 
A financial expert, is that the dollar exchange rate will stabilize the (1226) dinars in the coming period, after hitting a price (1300) dinars will the Central hard to reduce it to the price (1226) dinars per dollar American one. / Finished / 8. d. Q /