Expert: Iraqi banks as banking offices and you need to make the law effective

Date: Monday 04/02/2012 13:23

Baghdad (news) .. Proposed banking expert Mohsen Ali new legislation to support the Iraqi banks two branches of government and private sector for its contribution in the process of investment and ages of the country. 
Ali (of the Agency news) said on Monday: The banking system in Iraq is still too late for the banking systems of modern and advanced in the world, Iraqi banks have become as the offices of banking as a result of… the absence of its actual contribution the investment operations of the country through the granting of loans, whether payment on credit or direct. 
He added, must be new legislation provides for the support of Iraqi banks of public and private by the federal government, the fact that the current law suffers from a lot of paragraphs that hamper the work of modern banking, calling for the use of banking laws in place now in most countries in the world developed, in order to be of Iraqi banks key role in promoting the country’s economy. 
The banking expert to: that the Iraqi banks are still lagging far from the on-going developments in technology, the global banking . / Finished / 8. d. Q /