Election law did not reach the stage of compatibility between the large blocs to pass

07-09-2013 02:43 PM

election lawBaghdad (news) .. Between member bloc citizen MP / National Alliance / Faleh Al Sari, that the proposal to amend the law on parliamentary elections, did not reach the stage of maturity compatibility between the political blocs to pass. said Sari (of the Agency news): The election law did not reach maturity and compatibility before large blocs on the law, noting: that the election law and the law is important and politician par excellence and that all political bloc to see initiate the law the way it serves, and gives them the opportunity to get the largest number of parliamentary seats. added: that the majority of the political blocs with the open list, and the arguments of previous adoption there were claims the list closed. noted that the current session ends in March of next year and will be held parliamentary elections after this date as being in the House of Representatives is currently discussing the law of parliamentary elections amid accusations of some blocks of seeking to adopt the closed list. / End