Election expert reveals speculative budget for early elections

Election expert reveals speculative budget for early elections

Posted, 2/8/2020 23:12

Election expert reveals speculative budget for early electionsAyna News – Baghdad

the election expert, Adel al-Lami, revealed the speculative budget for the early elections set by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi on June 6.

Al-Lami said, “Where’s News” that “in my estimation, the commission will be allocated up to 300 million dollars to hold the elections, and it is possible to squeeze these expenses significantly in the event of canceling some contracts that have become unnecessary and used from the local market.”

He added that “fixing the date of June 6, 2021 is very sufficient to hold elections for the legislative authority, and what the commission needs is to prepare for 6-8 months only.” Indicating that “3 dates were presented to Al-Kazimi for the elections {April 1 and June 1 and October 1, and Al-Kazemi chose the middle of it, which is the proposal of the nations United. ”

“The elections will take place after the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday, and the opportunity is conducive to the government to hold extensive meetings with the Electoral Commission to determine the estimated budget for these elections and to develop plans for the protection of polling sites and the form of support that the planning, trade, interior and defense ministries will provide for the success of this process.”

He pointed out, “Encouraging the Electoral Commission and related entities to volunteer for the management of elections through the use of university students or employees and retirees to squeeze the budget.”

Al-Lami concluded his speech by saying that he “voted on most of the articles of the law except for Article 15 regarding the form of electoral districts”, noting that “the commission is able to hold elections even if they are at the level of individual districts.”

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced the 6 th of next June as the date for the early parliamentary elections.

As the Independent High Electoral Commission replied, on Saturday, by its willingness to hold the elections on the date set by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and it would be ready to hold the elections at the date set by the Prime Minister in the event that the following conditions are met:

First: The Parliament should complete the election law as soon as possible It can be published in the Official Gazette, as it represents the legal framework for the election process.

Second: The Parliament should legislate an alternative text for Article 3 of Ordinance No. 30 for the year 2005 to complete the quorum of the Federal Supreme Court, which is the only body legally empowered to endorse the election results.

Third: The government shall prepare the electoral budget and provide the requirements that the commission has previously requested from the relevant ministries and whose presence helps the commission to conduct the elections at the specified time.

In this regard, the Commission requests the Prime Minister to allocate a special session to the Council of Ministers to discuss solving problems that hinder the work of the Commission linked to the aforementioned ministries and to issue the necessary decisions to solve them.

Fourth: The Commission calls on the United Nations and other relevant international organizations to provide electoral assistance, and provides the oversight necessary to achieve free, transparent and fair elections that represent the true will of the Iraqi people.