Economy: Central Bank is still subject to item VII and Iraq signed agreements do not apply

A member of the parliamentary Economy: Central Bank is still subject to item VII and Iraq signed agreements do not apply

2015/9/8 8:34

Economy - Central Bank is still subject to item VII and Iraq signed agreements do not apply[Baghdad – where]
member reported in the economic and investment commission in Parliament, said the representatives of the Central Bank of Iraq is still subject to the separation of the seventh item in the financial affairs by the UN Security Council resolutions.
The MP said Ahmed Salim told all of Iraq [where], “The central bank is still subject to controls Section VII, and did not come out until this moment, even got out of what used part of the reserve of gold or pound which is owned by.”
Said MP said he had sent a letter to the Bank to inquire about the extent of time you specify international standards to get out of Chapter VII for Iraq’s money and gold reserves and other funds.
“He pointed out that” the Chapter VII sanctions lifted from Iraq, but some of the material, either article that allocate the financial affairs of Iraq did not raise them, even if lifting of the central bank deal internationally varies from dealing now, “and said,” That’s why more Iraqi funds sold through auction and the reason that the money paid through the sale of oil abroad to compensate for the sale of the dollar at home.
“and between the economic and investment commission member, said” agreements Iraq concluded with countries that have no meaning except that Iraq emerges from chapter VII of financial affairs, and these agreements most of them do not apply the current time, but some of the agreements, which are set to the House for the purpose of legislation and ratification, which is for the economy, including cooperation between the countries and the provision of economic and trade work , Yes, this is voted on, but placed until it comes time “, adding that” in any case, Iraq will remain constrained by that never goes out of in terms of financial affairs Chapter VII.
“He said a sound that” the central bank gold sale does not threaten the currency timeshare Presently, because the reserve be present at the central bank for the purpose of the necessary need to walk the things the country or improve the economic situation in a particular circumstance.
“He explained,” In my opinion, this does not affect, but each country is in economic conditions sudden and the central bank is a treasury of the policy of the Iraqi economy, including inflation and policy processing cash that keeps the country also maintains the Iraqi dinar, “noting that” this is part of his work and his duties to provide funds and other alternatives to assisted by gold.
“The central bank had said last Saturday, that the continued sale of gold bullion for citizens processes will support the financial liquidity.
said Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords in a press statement, that “the central bank, in order to support liquidity in the Iraqi state and to encourage citizen of the Optional savings to diversify its means and put forward different options for him, began by asking different alloy weights for the acquisition by citizens, taking into account the bank to the circumstances of the citizen Almaahah.anthy 2