Economists are preparing the deletion of zeros formal process

Varied and economists’ views between support and rejection of the project to delete the zeros Some of them said that the formal process and have no impact on the currency and others called for the need to apply as supporting the value of the Iraqi dinar and restore his prestige among currencies.

The deputy head of the economy for sustainable development Abdul Hadi Jabbar Aboudi’s (range): “The process of removing zeros is nothing more than a change in the unit of measurement, and does not involve any effects, whether negative or positive economic performance Bmngarath real,” adding that “monetary unit Current value “JD 1000″ will be replaced by new banknotes worth unit “one dinar” an amount equivalent to the “1000″ JD substituted, as in the rest of other monetary units.

He added the process of deletion of zeros does not mean an improvement in the value of the currency, as to change the unit of measurement has absolutely nothing to do with improvement in the value of the currency, and the latter is linked to real factors reflect the efficiency of economic performance. “

For his part, counting the deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh project delete zeros reformer class basis, stressing at the same time, the need to achieve economic and political stability and security before you start the process of deletion of zeros.