Economic parliamentary government accuses the banks of falsifying documents to sell the dollar black market

Accused the parliamentary Economic Committee, Thursday, government departments of banks authorized to buy and sell the dollar to “forging documents to sell the dollar to some brokers in the black market.

Confirmed that it will all the necessary measures to prosecute the case involved, as well as approach the regulatory authorities concerned.

A member of the Committee MP for the Iraqi bloc white Mayahi Aziz during a news conference that “the Committee reviewed the cases of fraud and financial and administrative corruption carried out by the state banks authorized to buy and sell the dollar by the Central Bank of Iraq with some brokers and mafias market, “noting that” cases are forging documents Almnafist Altsrihh and customs concerning the introduction of fake goods in millions of dollars. “

The Mayahi that “these processes can be detected through import arrived in revenue and deposit of tax that can not be falsified because copies go to the government agencies concerned with it,” asserting that “his committee will take all necessary measures to prosecute those involved in this case and approach the regulatory authorities concerned. “

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed, “in (21 last May) that” the Rafidain and Rasheed Beshra sell the Us dollar cash to citizens at a price that is determined by the Bank up to 1189 dinars to the dollar. “

He announced the Central Bank (April 25, 2012), that he seeks in a few days to cancel the auction conducted by a day and convert it to a bank, government or other business, stressing that the policy of the bank falls in maintaining the exchange rate and the fight against money laundering and not to finance the trade of other countries.