Economic Commission confirms the parliamentary move structuring currency and delete zeros of

Saturday, April 28 / April 2012 12:31

Baghdad {: News} Euphrates confirmed the parliamentary decision of the Economic Commission Mahma Khalil move structuring the Iraqi currency and delete zeros from them.

And was scheduled to begin the process of removing zeros from the currency in the month of September next step to raise the price of Iraqi dinar against other currencies.

Khalil told the News} {Euphrates that “the proposed restructuring of the currency and delete zeros of which will have significant economic benefits and will reflect positively on the economic reality of the citizen.”

He added that “There is a resolve and determination to implement the project as it will contribute greatly to maintaining the Iraqi funds and value in the global market.”

He continued that “the government called in the application of the project to wait for the conditions experienced by the country, but there was no intention to cancel that project to the amount of its importance to the economy of the country.”

And announced that the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers that the Council passed a resolution to wait in the application process to delete the zeros of the national currency.

A statement of the General Secretariat that “requires the resolution to stop all actions relating to the operation mentioned and until further notice.”

“The decision of the Council of Ministers, which will carry No. {111} for the year 2012 and approved at the regular session of fifteen, which was held on 10 this April was based on that introduced by the Committee on Economic Affairs.” Over 4