Economic adviser warns of continued smuggling of gold after the re-drafted by specialized gangs

On: Saturday 03/24/2012 11:12

Basra (news) .. Warned the economic advisor in the Office of International Trade and Transport in Basra reconcile inhibitor of Ostmraramlah smuggling large quantities of gold in Iraq to the outside, indicating that the expansion of this phenomenon will cause damage to the economy of the country by increasing its price in local markets. 
said inhibitor (of the Agency news) today Saturday: There are.. operations to smuggle gold of Iraq and in large quantities to the outside by gangs outside the law, particularly the ports of Basra border, and disregard for workers in the Iraqi border, through the re-drafting of gold from the new Mthagala (18) and (21) and turning it into the weight (24) after some treatment processes for mining and re-drafting of new by jewelers and skilled makers of gold, to become a weight of (24) Odhu a different color just so difficult to detect in the Iraqi border. warned inhibitor: the breadth of this phenomenon dramatically in the country, as a result the lack of people working at border crossing points with expertise in the field of inspection check gold before going out of the country, calling for the employment of experts in gold, especially graduates of institutes specialists examine and audit the gold to prevent smuggled abroad that the process is dangerous for the Iraqi economy, and will lead to increase its price in local markets dramatically. / End / 20. d. Q