Deputy warns: “Budget will go to the pockets of corrupt”

Deputy warns: “Budget will go to the pockets of corrupt”

Saturday, February 23, 2019 at 13:35 pm

Deputy warns - Budget will go to the pockets of corruptBaghdad / Sky Press

Warned Finance Committee member Magda Tamimi that most of the budget funds will go to pockets of corrupt unless the files are resolved corruption to deter them.

Tamimi said that the budget this year is not austerity as some claim, but is the second largest budget in the history of Iraq, more than one hundred and thirty-three trillion dinars, adding that the country is a difficult problem and difficult financial corruption, Keep it fair

On the agenda of the Finance Committee during the second legislative term of the House of Representatives, Tamimi explained that the Commission “several important laws will find their way to legislation in the House of Representatives, including the Financial Management Law and the Financial Service Law, both ready for legislation after the vote on them