Deputy Governor of the Central Bank underlines the need to clarify the state of the concept of economic liberalism

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh that “it is necessary to clarify the state concept of economic liberalism and whether commensurate with what Iraq is going through.”

He said in a press statement today said: “It is to be clarified economic liberalism by the state of the central bank with respect to transfer foreign currency abroad, where sources should be checked dinar and whether it came from money laundering operations in crime and terrorism.”

He pointed out “that the central bank is witnessing campaign of accusations and suspicions of involvement with corruption on daily currency auction sale and the occurrence of money laundering.”

Saleh explained that “money laundering means money derived from illegal crimes of terrorism and other crimes such as drug trafficking and other suspicious activities and turn them into legitimate funds.”

He continued: “We must separate the issue of money laundering on the subject of administrative corruption On the subject of liberal economy and identify individual subjects.”

He said: “The money laundering comes from JD customer deposited in private banks and not to convert the dollar abroad, and on private banks to be aware of the lesson well and was investigating the possibility of customers who buy the dollar and do not make profit above the safety of the national economy.”

Have been charged by the deputies in the parliament to the Central Bank of the existence of corruption and money laundering in the auction sale of the currency.

And was a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee Haitham al-Jubouri called for direct intervention from the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to stop the drain of foreign exchange and money laundering in the CBI auctions.

While Salih stressed earlier that “foreign remittances of money does not necessarily mean the money laundering process because of thousands of Iraqis are located in various countries around the world and need the money by turning them to their parents.”