Delete the zeros sound decision and timing appropriate


Experts stressed at a seminar Mustansiriya economic 
Baghdad – morning 
addressed the economic seminar organized by the Department of Economic Studies at the Center for Mustansiriya of Arab Studies and International three studies, the economic dimensions to raise zeros from the Iraqi currency is expected to direct the circulation of the new currency in early 2013. 
participated in the symposium sponsored by the President of the University Mustansiriya and Prof. Dr. Haidar Taher Saadi A number of economists and interested and Okadeimun contributed to the enrichment of the research discussions summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the process of removing zeros. 
the first study, which carried the title (lifting zeros) .. Benefits and costs were to d. Falah Thuwaini The second came to bear the title of draft change the currency in Iraq and its economic impact for Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Najm al-Mashhadani, head of economic studies at the center. With loaded third study address the restructuring of the Iraqi currency, the project to delete three zeros and the cost of cash transactions) for d the appearance of Mohammed Salih, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq. 
have contributed to the studies and discussions on access to convictions fully by the participants of the importance of this procedure due to the economic advantages of giving priority to the defects of the hand. As well as to the need of our national economy to regulate the monetary and fiscal policies. 
and participants agreed on the timing for the launch of the new currency after deleting three zeros were correct timing contributed to the stability of the currency market. 
He d. The appearance of Mohammed Salih, Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq has made ​​it clear to the participants mechanisms delete the zeros and the continuation of the two currencies in circulation for two years so as to accomplish the task successfully and revealed that what is left of the currency for some can be replaced after two years, not allowed to trade for ten years. 
Turning to the effects positive for the new currency in cash transactions in different directions, took place after extensive discussions that ended with the recommendations of the task contribute to addressing some of the challenges you may encounter a change.