Damluji: Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi returned voluntarily to appear before the courts

Damluji: Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi returned voluntarily to appear before the courts

2014/11/28 08:51:32 AM

Damluji - Shabibi and Mohammed Allawi returned voluntarily to appear before the courtsBAGHDAD / Wi-News

He returned to Baghdad two days before all of Shabibi, a former governor of the Central Bank, and Mohammed Allawi, the former Minister of Communications to appear voluntarily before the Iraqi courts after a court sentenced in absentia the right of the first 7 years in prison, and the second referred to the judiciary on charges of corruption.

She said Maysoon al MP for the National Coalition, led by Vice President Iyad Allawi, and a spokeswoman for the coalition in a press statement said. “Genuine efforts made by the leader of the National Alliance and in charge of the national reconciliation file for Shabibi and Allawi return to Baghdad and the courts to get their innocence.”

She noted that “al-Maliki wanted singling out completely power and removed all of the stop face or I think are adverse to him regardless of that he was standing with his face Sunni or Shia, and this door removed Shabibi and Allawi and Tareq al-Hashemi, a former vice-president, and Rafie al-Issawi, Minister of Finance Previously, Ahmed al-Alwani, a member of the Iraqi parliament earlier and others, some of them have been accused of terrorism cases and others of corruption, and this is what led to the further distinction of Iraqi society. ”

On the death sentence on Ahmed al-Alwani, a former MP for the coalition in Iraq, which was led by Allawi, Damluji said that “the death sentence against the former parliament member Ahmed al-Alwani victory and support for the organization Daash and the dismantling of Anbar tribes Front, which is fighting this terrorist organization,” noting that “Who was behind the issuance of this ruling right-Alwani At this time in particular is aimed at strengthening the organization Daash certainly the fact that al-Alwani important tribal figure in al-Anbar, there are many doubts in the case of accused and prosecuted,” the telltale that “Iraq today need more concerted forces and efforts and national unity To counter the threat of a terrorist organization Daash not cause more division and disintegration and infighting. ”

She said, “We are shocked not the subject of the sentence, but time that his choice for the issuance of this rule and announced was it at the time stands Anbar tribes generally organize Daash”, stressing that “there is discrimination rule and we are confident that the Court of Cassation will not pass such a provision as We believe that the president would not endorse it. ”

On the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi policy, Damluji acknowledged that “his government and national and speech before nearly a month in the House of Representatives was optimistic, but he needs more practical steps and we are in the national coalition blessed reforms carried out by the security establishment and fight corruption, and do not forget The head of the government recognizes the country empty budget free from money problems and internal and external, in-room and it dealt with. ”

She stressed that the “national coalition stands with any real national effort and this concept participated in the government, where he is president of the Coalition, Iyad Allawi, vice president for national reconciliation, which is making real efforts in this direction, both internally and externally, we have to support the government’s efforts and the efforts that are in greater solidarity to stand against the fiercest attack against organized represented Daash which is the result of international disputes Iraq. ”