Construction: Take out US troops very soon

Construction: Take out US troops very soon



Construction - Take out US troops very soon“The issue of removing US troops from Iraq will be formally presented to parliament in the near future,” deputy coalition leader Hussein Saeed said Sunday. “The prime minister is also unwilling to keep these forces. The parliament will be his commissioner to discuss with the Americans to schedule their exit.”

“The construction coalition has adopted the issue of removing US forces from Iraq. Iraq does not need foreign forces to keep the land, so there will be a timetable for the withdrawal of these forces in the near future,” Said said in a statement.

“The government will follow up the matter and hold talks with the US side to set a time limit to remove its forces from the country, especially after eliminating terrorism, and obliging it to abide by the agreement between the two countries,” he said.

“The next days will see the opening of the file of the presence of US troops in Iraq, and if the United States does not comply with the decisions of Iraq to withdraw its forces, there are several options will resort to Iraq, one resort to the UN Security Council,” he said, stressing that ” In order to authorize the government to take the necessary action to remove these forces, especially after the absence of the need for their existence. ”