Communications expert: The Ministry returned to sell capacities to Internet smugglers

Communications expert: The Ministry returned to sell capacities to Internet smugglers

6/30/2020 15:39

Communications expert - The Ministry returned to sell capacities to Internet smugglers[Baghdad-Ain]
An informed communications expert revealed, on Tuesday, on the file of internet smuggling in Iraq, dangerous information about the smuggled companies and what he called their “strength” that helps them to return to smuggling within a maximum period of 48 hours after any arrest or raid.
The expert stressed in a press statement, “The recent shock operations carried out by the Ministry of Communications recently in the governorates of Nineveh and Diyala, did not bring any results and remained as if for media review only, as the companies that smuggled the Internet returned to work within 48 hours of their disclosures, and from the same provinces and with specific locations As if to challenge the state. ”

The expert, who preferred not to be identified, pointed out that “Internet smugglers are stronger than the state. Otherwise, how can they restore smuggling activity within only two days, and what confirms their strength is the failure of the Ministry of Communications to announce the names of the smuggled companies, nor for any details related to this file, and is satisfied with publishing Pictures of devices and equipment confiscated. ”

He asked, “Those companies were smuggled, why did the security forces not arrest their owners, and why did they confine themselves to confiscating the devices, and if these companies were not smuggled, then this means that the ministry committees stole these devices, so the ministry must clarify and answer these questions that the longer it lasts, the more winding The mystery of this file is more and doubts have been raised about the Ministry’s work. ”

And that “the strange thing is that the Ministry of Communications continues to sell capacities to these companies, but how large are these capacities ?, These companies buy only 20% of their need for capacities, while the other 80% escapes them, and after a month or two, it dispenses with those that it buys from the ministry and continues Smuggling is in clear defiance of the state, and in a major financial loss for the Ministry of Communications. ”

The expert pointed out, “The state needs to strongly deter these companies, hold them accountable and recover the money gained from this smuggling, so it is not reasonable that all communications ministers talked about the smuggling file, but they did not hold anyone accountable, and this raises doubts about the relationship of these companies to the ministers and committees.” Competent in combating this file. ”