Commission of Inquiry into a central auction reminiscent of “the days of Saddam Hussein”

Chalabi: Commission of Inquiry into a central auction reminiscent of “the days of Saddam Hussein”

Posted on Tuesday, November 06 2012 14:09 | Written by: ha-az

BAGHDAD / obelisk: criticize the National Alliance MP Ahmad Chalabi, Tuesday, for the inquiry in the central bank auction of the Iraqi currency, and was described as the Committee to “non-neutral”, pointed out that its dealings little public commissions of inquiry has shown “the regime of Saddam Hussein.”

The source revealed from within the parliament for “obelisk” MP Ahmad Chalabi intervention in the 30th session of parliament, as saying, “The committee set up by Parliament to investigate the CBI auction of currency did not operate independently.”

Chalabi described the parliamentary committee “is neutral in its work, that dealing with the file of the Central Bank was in one direction.”

Chalabi said in interjection “the presidency of the parliament to form a new committee for the purpose of working on the development of an independent investigation into the cause of the Iraqi Central Bank,” pointing out that “the deal parliamentary investigative committee remember the Iraqi public commissions of inquiry under the” regime of Saddam. ”

The Integrity Commission confirmed, in the first of this November, it continues to reveal the details of the cause of the Iraqi Central Bank in collaboration with the new administration of the bank, as pointed Speaker Osama Najafi to support those legal proceedings.

The Speaker Osama Najafi and the Governor of the Central Bank and Agency Abdul Basit Turki search, Wednesday, October 31 last mechanism of action of the CBI and prove its independence under the changes that have occurred recently, while stressing the latter continuing investigation ERA hard currency and the Department of money laundering in the Central.