Central sells $ 192 million at auction Tuesday

Central sells $ 192 million at auction Tuesday
19/06/2012 16:19

Sales from the Iraqi Central Bank Bmzadeh for the sale and purchase of foreign currencies in its session today Iilathaempelg 192 million Dolarbsar exchange rate based on 1166 Iraqi dinars for every dollar.

She auction sales bulletin issued today by the Central Bank received a “gate Iraq,” a copy of that total volume of demand on the dollar of 192 million and 745 thousand dollars, covered by the central bank at an exchange rate basis was 1166 Iraqi dinars to the dollar. ”

Sales were distributed today to demand the amount of cash Hmsh million and 300 thousand dollars, “while sales orders,” the amount of 187 445 000 dollars at the exchange rate was 1179 Iraqi dinars per dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank amounting to 13 dinars per dollar.

Bulletin indicated that “the 15 banks did not make the joint auction sale any offers for the dollar.”

The sales day in the range of sales routine, following the increase in demand than ever, because of the sanctions imposed on Iran and Syria and the decline in exchange rates Altoman and pound to a half. Which called for the central bank to tighten sale of foreign currency to require the banks participating in the auction to disclose its customers seekers purchase through the use of the instrument certified to the customer for the purposes of identifying the one.

Then followed by the development of new instructions concerning the submission of annual tax documents, settling accounts, and documents proving that the money actually going to trade, bringing the dollar exchange rate locally abruptly up to 1280 dinars per dollar, after the price of 1240 dinars per dollar.
Source: albawwaba