Central: rise of the dollar will not last .. And actions taken enough to Bkhvdah

04/12/2012 1:46

The center of his claim to take more effective measures 
Baghdad – Haider Filaih spring 
with experienced local market made ​​notable gains in commodity prices and various materials by the high price of the dollar, the central bank said it was taking firm action he said was enough to revive the reality of the dinar and reduce the prices of the dollar, which rose in a clear and significant during the past few days, in the meantime has escalated calls for urgent action and immediate action to reduce the prices of the dollar, and… demanded that those calls the central bank to act immediately to reduce the high rates of the dollar, saying the rise of the dollar factor that could undermine many of the economic gains achieved during the past years, especially reduce inflation and alleviate poverty and increase growth rates. 
has called the Council of Ministers the central bank to take more effective measures in the face of rising exchange rates of the dollar against the dinar, is directed through a press statement made ​​by the formation of a committee to study the oscillation happening at an exchange rate of the dinar and pointed out the statement made ​​by the source official that the committee will propose appropriate solutions to prevent the damage that can result from high exchange rates of the dollar. 
and prices were the dollar has seen in recent days, notable gains were in which exchange rates of USD 132 000 dinars per $ 100, while the central bank set prices exchange of 117 thousand dinars for every $ 100, an increase of 15 thousand Iraqi dinars .. He attributed the watchers reasons for the increase to the growing demand for winning the dollar by the businessmen and traders to feed imports daily by them, while attributed the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank during the interview (morning) the reasons for the rise to the existence of cases of smuggling of the dollar at the moment, pointing out that Auction currency is now cover trade in three foreign countries as well as the Iraqi market and Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh plans said it was capable of during the next few days to reduce rates of exchange and return of the dollar to its natural state, stressing that the bank Samay on the sale of large quantities of the dollar over the Mzhadath daily in a move to pump more dollars into the local market and thereby reduce prices and raise the value of the dinar, stressing at the same time take measures to against smuggling dollar abroad by setting conditions for the participants in the auction currency. 
and Saleh said that the Central is not allowed at all what he called (mystical powers) that you can from the local market, stressing that that market is now suffering from the interventions of many things, and facilitated the smuggling of currency, which is called the central to the imposition of strict controls on the currency sold through daily auctions of the coin. Salih stressed that the central touch recently mismatch between the needs of the market from the dollar and what is being purchased in daily auctions of the coin, which invited him to look carefully about the reasons for this popularity is not reasonable to buy the dollar at a time when you do not need the volume of exchanges, only a quarter of what is being pumped from the dollar . Comes a modern favor after news talked about the determination of the bank to stop auctions currency, something which was denied by the deputy governor of the bank, explaining that the action taken is seeking to identify those who can participate in these auctions, which can be used as the amounts sold the dollar in transactions daily business of the private sector effectively. 
turn MP Hamid al-Mutlaq, the government for urgent action to prevent the deterioration of the Iraqi economy and to stop the decline in the exchange rate of the dinar against foreign currencies. 
Saleh said in a statement he made ​​to the Agency / Nina /: “the government should act urgently to stop the Tdhoralaguetsad Iraq and to stop the fall in its currency against the dollar difficult set of procedures in the forefront to stop and prevent the smuggling of foreign currency abroad and non-interference in the work of the Central Bank of Iraq. ” 
He added: “The enemies of Iraq want today destroyed the Iraqi economy in order to Atbaky of Iraq pillar is based upon, adding that” the collapse of the economy would cause a major crisis added to the rest of the crises.