Central Bank strongly criticizes those targeting the CBI; Emphasizes follow-up to the legal and economic effects

Central Bank strongly criticizes those targeting the CBI


Criticized the central bank, Wednesday, “systematic attack” on policies to correct the Financial Action Task Force, while he stressed that he would pursue legal and economic implications of such targeting, he stressed that the banking institution should remain independent.

The bank said in a statement obtained by “obelisk”, a copy of which he “since been a change in the management of the Iraqi Central Bank, was expected to face action for change and try to re-Central Bank to its natural role and effective in building the country and its economy and combat opportunities for corruption and destruction institutional and was expected resistance and disrupt this trend. “

And that “the bank work over the past months diligently and quietly to try to avoid any confrontations planned media defenders mistakes of the previous stage.”

He added that “recent days have seen advertising candid and unprecedented and is responsible for targeting institutional systematically to perform this bank of the parties to Aijmaha only resistant to rebuild Iraq. So it is unlikely to be intended this attack more confusing public order Economic and Social Council”.

He added, “Whenever taken the new administration decided to promote the market and boost the economy and the organization of more economic freedom in the area of the bank’s activities and management of foreign currency faces a number of politicians to respond and exposure to these procedures, which is reflected clearly influencing the development of the currency and the stability of the market.”

He pointed out that “in last Saturday was the board of the Central Bank to discuss instructions to grant leave money transfer mail and retail and this was the project requires the existence of a regulation issued under the law prior to these instructions, have been in the light of the postponement of instructions.”

The statement noted that “the Iraqi Central Bank target of activating this project to reach full automation of the management control of banks through a sub-programs ensure that the possibility of overdraft or currency conversion in non-facets, and before that recognizes instructions or your system so began the attack on the Masmah some politicians or non-specialists to open banks through Mobile targeted foment instability to the economy. “

He stated that “from the attacked bank realize that such a system in fact is not knocking never did not talk this pure coincidence, they know more than others that the implementation of the Bank for this project in addition to being transferred Iraq to the ranks of countries that enjoy the services of modern banking is in the same time will be wasted their chance acquisition of public money or bank credit in the private banks unjustly. “

He stressed that “the bank welcomes constantly shown by specialists and stakeholders in banking statement and their views of these projects is not interested in including explained by these politicians.”

He explained, “I’ve had the bank still serious all seriousness and careful in determining the amount of damage resulting from the public money resulting from the indifference continued for eight years in the case of an auction of foreign currency, and this entails when answer Court Committee to Investigate the issue of the previous administration of the bank to ensure higher because prove objectively and without offending any personal or formation or economic institution, public or private. “

He noted that “the bank issued a letter to the court in the light of the timing set by his court, with the regulatory authorities of other is that I like having this waste has been the President of the House of Representatives on Tuesday commissioned BSA also check these transactions and determine the size of the waste and the damage and submitted to competent court, and regardless of the size of the noise Evtolh affected by the bank’s policy he will continue to follow up all the banks that played a role diagnosed and intended in the deterioration of the exchange rate, despite Maatakzh Bank of measures to further provide foreign currency in the market. “

He stressed that “the bank has taken and the level of management of all the necessary legal procedures against those who erred in the presentation of statistical data relating Brshehadh of gold reserves, and has been the source of this difference is wrong statistical exchange in the data submitted to the International Monetary Fund initially been corrected in the second report of the Fund, There were no treatment buy or sell at this stage, so it spoke to this subject was not familiar with until the arrival, if desired offended to the bank using methods logical, well known that the bank’s balance sheet exposure to the same reports which include the nature of the assets and liabilities and tubeless it more Review this budget to make sure it did not include such changes. “

And that “directed the bank, which is keen him regardless of what other people are doing and is planned and pay him is more to defend a fixed exchange rate and greater freedom of openness the market and protect the banking system effectively and efficiently and to ensure its success in keeping Translated from continuing influence on this device” .

The statement stressed that “the Bank will continue to seriously impact the legal and economic for such targeting and confirms that this institution should remain independent is not in its resolution only, but even in the way of thinking of others and attitudes towards them”, past to say that “the BSA are jibs effective and important for Parliament people in the maintenance of the property and the interests of the community and will continue to deal with all these issues through the gate with the doors of the bank open to all who wish for clarification of any effectiveness of the Bank and management. “

The MP for the Liberal bloc Javad Alshahyla said in a press conference that the ten tons of gold reserves stolen from the Central Bank in the fifteenth of November 2012, not only so but to launch a political attack on the bank via a satellite channel.