Central Bank: No worries on the Iraqi accounts in the United States

BAGHDAD / obelisk: denied the Iraqi Central Bank, Sunday, and the existence of any threat to the funds, bonds and Iraqi funds in the U.S. Fed.

A statement issued by the bank and got “obelisk”, a copy of it, that “the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank is still working to determine the size of the breach that hit the internal computer systems by hackers cyber”.

The statement noted that “the Central Bank of Iraq reassures trader Iraqi had been checking all accounts of Iraq to the Federal Reserve Bank of the U.S. on the seventh and eighth of February current and was identical to the records of the CBI any that these accounts were not affected by the breach that hit the computer systems of the Fed,” U.S. .

Iraq has paid debts 3500 commercial creditor worth $ 2.7 billion as a way to protect his money of foreign businesses manipulation.

The international agencies have reported, citing officials at the Fed Alammerakiantrza that the electronic system used in bank accounts have been a technical glitch led to the loss of quite a few of global accounts.