Central Bank is the proportion of counterfeit currency “normal” compared to the rest of the states

Central Bank is the proportion of counterfeit currency “normal” compared to the rest of the states

Palm – considered the Central Bank of Iraq, Sunday, that the proportion of the Iraqi currency counterfeit normal compared to the rest of the states, and when he said that this percentage can be known through bank deposits has, pointed out that those currencies are entering the market from three sources.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh during the Press Release: There are local currencies forged present in the Iraqi market, but by a very simple, and within the normal range, which are affected by all countries, indicating that this ratio can be known through bank deposits with the Central Bank.

Saleh added that the bank bears the responsibility of the deposits when they contain counterfeit currency, where it imposes a financial penalty in addition to pay the cost of those currencies, calling on banks to be audited the front of their currencies, and not to rely on the central bank.

Saleh said counterfeiting of major economic crimes, pointing out that those currencies enter the Iraqi market from three sources, Kaltjar for profit illegal, this falls on charges of money laundering, or amateur, as well as by some States of this and this so-called war intelligence.

He was a member of the Iraqi List Lahibi Taha accused, on Saturday, (January 28 cur) Iran forged Iraqi currency to enter for the purchase of hard currency from the market, warning that the silence of the Iraqi government on this issue as a post be established in the process.

Saw the nineties of the last century the spread of counterfeit currency in Iraq after the imposition of economic sanctions on the country and the invasion of Saddam Hussein’s regime, if it leads the feet of Iraq to print its currency within the country to higher headline inflation reduction is unprecedented, as well as the increasing incidence of counterfeit currency at the time because of the lack of international standards sober in press.

The events experienced by the country after 2003, provided an opportunity for many who would undermine its economy to the counterfeiting of currency and official documents in an atmosphere dominated by chaos and lack of administrative control, but recent years have seen many of them arrested, while the situation is still not controlled.