Central Bank denies the accusation Warka smuggling money abroad

Saturday, March 10, 2012 14:21

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / .. denied the Iraqi Central Bank’s statements dealt with some of the media yesterday that he accused the Warka Bank of smuggling money abroad

, Stressing that he is not related to the Central Bank of the details outside the scope of his powers as a regulator of banks, and that the foot-dragging on the bank in question called a resolution to impose trusteeship on it. This was announced by L / Baghdadiya News / Province Deputy Central Bank of Iraq d. The appearance of Mohammed Saleh, said that the central bank to deal with all banks equally, was not accused of any bank operating inside Iraq not previously or currently being involved operations of smuggling and money laundering, or anything that falls outside the scope of our mandate, we view art professional deal in accordance with regulations, laws and clauses acts of interfering in the bank and within a specific range to correct some of the tracks or acts of these banks in case we found Mtlkoh in their work, and certainly it would be within the framework of protection money to Iraqi citizens.

He accused the benefit of some of those in their interest to discredit the Warka Bank or any bank competitor to them, and always try to use the policy of confusion and fabrication Tsrhat to official bodies, and we as a central bank did not declare or announce any information except the imposition of trusteeship for reasons also have been mentioned regarding Ptlku acts of Warka.

Meanwhile decided Warka Bank Ahli filed a lawsuit against the Central Bank of Iraq and accused him of issuing a decision of the Trusteeship illegally, as expressed Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi reservation on the decision of the bank, which will stand a stumbling block to foreign investment, while considering the economic parliamentary subject to host central bank officials to indicate the reasons for the trusteeship.

Prior to the Iraqi Central Bank that the development of Warka, which is one of the largest financial institutions in the country, under the tutelage of full resolution of his administration and appointed replacements for them from the central staff.

An official source in the Board of Directors of the Warka Bank explained that his bank has decided to sue in the appropriate courts demanded the cancellation of the decision of the guardianship of the Central Bank on us and also made clear our doubts convening of the Board of Directors of the Bank, especially as he announced that his decision came after an extraordinary meeting was at a late hour of the night, and here We have asked the court to make sure this actually in advance of the meeting and the minutes and have been calling members of the legal form and in accordance with the controls.

He continued that we Manfezon claim against the Central Bank of compensation for damage caused by us, and since 2009 has prevented the Bank from participating in the auction currency and it has nothing to do the position of the bank, and also decided to close 50 branch without justification.

Iraqi government’s position was Dhaha through the Economic Commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister Ruz Nuri Shaways, who announced that the government is supportive of the development of the private sector of all kinds, especially the private banks that decide coverage system granting bank guarantees for foreign companies operating in Iraq for amounts less than $ 4 million. There are a number of recommendations and decisions that are in favor of the private sector will be adopted government.

Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi said at a news conference in Amman and Iraq after the end of the meetings of the World Bank to discuss the budget of 2012, without counting the legal guardianship decision, accusing the central bank to exercise the powers are not right.

He said such a decision, according to the laws should begin to lift a recommendation or proposal to the Minister of Finance recommendation and after the failure of other solutions, then we have such as the Ministry of financial re-answer the central bank either the decision of guardianship or other solutions, they returned it that would negatively affect the reality of investment and will fear in the hearts of investors foreigners.

For its part, indicated by the Economic Commission parliamentary Nora Albjara for the Iraqi List, that its relay details of the central bank’s decision has been discussed many issues related to the work of private banks, and its right as a supervisor and concerned with economic affairs Iraqi hosting or call any official Iraqi to show it.

She Albjara that “as well as decisions that are not in the interest of the development of Iraqi economy, particularly at the present time, we desperately need now is to attract investors from abroad, and this will not happen if they found that the Iraqi private sector is still at the mercy of Arzach government decision.”

Chairman of the Board of Directors of banks, the economy Husam Obeid said in remarks Aalaama “that there is a gap between public and private sectors in this country, and began to break four years ago when the Ministry of Finance has decided to withdraw government deposits from fully private banks.

He has met with departments of banks, the current Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi more than once brought us and our voices to government officials for the purpose of cancellation of this decision, but we unfortunately did not find listening ears. “

And the slaves that in America alone, 235 U.S. banks suffer from failures in their work and the Fed is working to address the failures and supports it, while we find here and all government departments including the Central Bank abandoned the private banks, “.

Member of Finance Committee Faleh Djiashi For his part, described the nature of competition among private banks to (unfair), and asserts that it is far from the applicable specifications of the competition by the World Bank. “

Questioned Djiashi that there is who is behind such decisions and the means (the decision of the Trusteeship) on the Warka Bank NCB, noting that the parliament and the government stand by strengthening the private sector, but that does not intersect with the principle should be that there would be mechanisms to protect the citizen, but must be taken gradually and start better, such as providing a loan for the troubled bank or suffering from drought in liquidity, and this is what is universally applicable.”