CBI: sovereign bonds of Iraq the most expensive in the world

The Central Bank of Iraq that “the Iraqi bonds international sovereign issued under the Paris Club granted the proportion of the benefits of higher / unspecified / making it bought at high prices compared by the rest of the sovereign bonds for the rest of the countries that confer benefits by about 2% and the Deputy Governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh: surplus in the current account of balance of payments of Iraq amounted to about 10% relative to GDP (national income).

stressing that this ratio will enable the dinar from the trend towards improvement because of the adoption of central bank monetary policies successful, he said, and pointed out that the dinar on the way to improvement through the return of the spread of trading in global financial markets and the added benefit: the right of Iraq’s equality peg to the dollar as it is open economically to the world and can not isolation again for foster international he says, and Iraq had many programs, especially with the International Monetary Fund and the Paris Club where he was able to resolve Much of the debt, which amounted to 140 billion dollars and reach to the cancellation of nearly 80% of the debt incurred by the Iraq policy pursued by the previous regime.