CBI rejects the distribution of salaries in dollars

CBI rejects the distribution of salaries in dollars

Sunday 22-11-2015 | 4:29:17

Iraqi Dinar-Dollar auctionsTwilight News Central Bank of Iraq / said on Sunday he had rejected a proposal by a number of humeri the House of Representatives to distribute the salaries of staff in the official circles in dollars instead of the dinar.

He said the bank’s governor on the Keywords in remarks to reporters that the bank rejects the proposal, which was presented on the distribution of employees’ salaries in dollars, considering that represents the sovereignty of the Iraqi currency that the dollar can not be a substitute for the national currency.

He pointed out that the distribution of salaries in dollars does not come any benefit to the country, but will contribute to stagger the distribution process, and that in response to diabrotic for a number of members of the House of Representatives.

He pointed out that the draft Keywords deletion of zeros from the currency is still there, but administrative conditions are not favorable for its implementation so far.

He said that the issuance of 50 thousand dinars category came to structuring currency, the fact that the 25 A category is no longer suitable for trading bloc compared with cash in circulation, explaining that the new category Stsuhal process and the conversion by the banks and the transfer of citizens.

Keywords also stressed that the 50 thousand dinars class does not affect the inflation and rising prices, because is was released in exchange for the damaged currency.