CBI: Problems of taxation and banking sectors

said the central bank deputy governor of the appearance of Mohammed, that the tax system and banking sector suffering from major problems impede the course of banking business.

Saleh said in an interview quoted by the Agency (news): The public taxation and banking are suffering from problems impede the course of their work include mental bank is conscious, which is still in control of the banks and the absence of a culture of tax and the lack of the electronic system to talk.

Saleh pointed out that the tax system and banking sector need to develop the structure of banking systems and open workshops and seminars intensive and in need of international expertise to advance the banks of slumber long, indicating that the initiative of the Finance Committee Parliamentary investment meeting with the U.S. delegation to present the problems of retail banking and taxation is an important initiative.

Saleh added: that America has one of the best Arts tax in the world and, therefore, that step taken by the provision of technical assistance included the establishment of workshops and training of cadres of the Iraqi banking are good steps to promote the infrastructure for both the banking and fiscal stability in order to achieve economic growth in Iraq.