CBI Monetary policy is not a substitute for the two financial and economic policies

In complex and difficult circumstances the central bank was able to achieve concrete achievements .. Contributing turn off about 90% of Iraq’s debt .. And building reserves reassuring and a new currency value increased (+20%) since its inception .. And work to provide foreign currency .. And managed with “financial” Reducing inflation to individual ..

And oversaw the building of Ahli banking system remains fragile .. But he started from scratch, and branches and develops its activities and assets .. Nevertheless placed efficient and conservative bank, and a number of its staff in the dock, which arranges several questions.

1 – Do you agree that we are discussing a pyramid standing upside down on his head .. Valmalom economy Kan economic policy, financial and tools first .. The recent cash .. 2 – Can the economic system in conditions of war and debt and conversion limitations .. And lacks the services and expertise and the necessary capacities and systems .. With poor banking habit, and adoption of Monetary Economics (cash economy) .. And do not represent the industry and agriculture more than (6-7%) of GDP .. Legislation and still controls overlapping and confused and volatile .. In the fiscal policy of not yet Tstqm .. And budgets confused, without final accounts ..

And taxes and fees and collection systems are weak and absent, was postponed because of the application of the customs tariff ..

Can monetary policy to cover the shortcomings of this system? The bear disadvantages and manifestations, including what does not fall in the circle of responsibilities. But you can under these circumstances achievements bank above? Will the other institutions better Padaouat? Or is it because of the work reveals his mistakes .. While laggard no mistakes? Let’s be serious and fair ..

We have total auction sales (209) billion dollars (2003-2012) .. It is known that the auction operations are the subject of controversy over the fact that imports and money laundering ..

While international statistics show that documented that Iraq’s imports of goods amounted to 259.94 billion dollars (2003-2011), far more than the amounts auction .. And excluding imports 2012 .. And imports is allocated and Allamnzawrh ..

Or non-commodity transfers .. Excluding share auction in the formation of reserves and money supply .. Does this come some reassurance?

Bank please be tried, or, in accordance with the facts, not to spoil a successful organization of the mistakes and shortcomings and suspicions must be located in. .. And be a scapegoat for the failed policies of the system .. That pursues penny sees no loss or profit dinar.