CBI Governor receives a delegation of the Finance Committee

I keep Dr. Shabibi central bank governor on Tuesday, 17/7/2012 Sub-Committee which includes members of the Finance Committee (Attorney Yasiri Hussain, MP Ibrahim al-Mutlaq, MP Magda al-Tamimi) in the building of the Iraqi Central Bank in Baghdad and in the presence Addinm officials in the bank.

During the meeting, they discussed latest developments reached by the Central Bank in the subject to delete the zeros and replacing the national currency and the policy of the completion of this process. as meeting discussed the issue of controls adopted in the auction currency and the volume of money supply in circulation.

For his part, said Shabibi the main reason in the process of deleting the zeros due to the economic stability experienced by the country and the ability of the large cash with the Central Bank, and on the currency auction between Shabibi that the operation was a window to enter the foreign currency and raise the value of Iraqi dinar.

He stressed that the central bank chose a British company and the other a German among the many international companies to complete the process of printing the new currency being the Ttavan About 75% of the currencies in the world. noting that the central bank has reserves of the currency so that they can in the process of deletion of zeros and coverage significantly.