CBI Crisis: adopt “free market”, give up his freedom / Saeb Khalil

Saeb Khalil Although it is difficult for the Iraqi citizen to understand the complexities on the issue of economic central bank

But he can be noted with surprise, the extent of the interest and even the desperate defense of Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi, who withdrew his hand while he was in Japan, where represents the Central Bank of Iraq to the meeting of the International Monetary Fund. It seems to me that the process of “pulling the hand” was the way he found Prime Minister al-Maliki to escape from the law books elaborately to protect “independence” of the central bank from government interference and paralyze its ability to hold him accountable. Also no explanation for the passing of this resolution during Shabibi in Japan, only that Maliki had hoped to remain conservative in abroad and remove him from the face of legal problems and also the international financial community that will defend him if he was sentenced to prison, for example, have been implemented.

Male Abdul Abbas estrus member of the Committee of Economy and Investment, the House of Representatives form an investigative committee met the board’s central bank, the Governor and his deputy and other staff, and obtained information that auction saw a preference for banks on the other, and found “manipulation evident in the creation of a difference at the dinar exchange between the price the official and commercial, “said that the Commission has provided evidence to eliminate.” noting that “the Commission will leave it to the judiciary.” He estrus to bills and fake millions of dollars were disbursed from the bank without asking ratification from the concerned authority, presumably. spoke for many companies and senior bankers civil and banks left their banking and tended to benefit from the sale of dollar remittances, and got amounts in millions of dollars without effort or against, as a result of mismanagement and poor organization at the Central Bank, and as a result of money laundering as well. ” (1) The MP said the Liberal block Yusuf al-Tai “compared to goods entering Iraq dollar expense of the central bank did not cover 10% of the the Atat sold” as “suspicious transactions.” (2) Said Ammar Al-Shibli member of the economic and investment commission in the House of Representatives: “against the big number alarming that the central bank sold a $ 220 billion did not enter for this figure to Iraq, but $ 22 billion of goods and the rest were not only statements false, and that a committee economy parliamentary I took a sample of those disclosures, a (90) gives an account but did not find an account of a real one, and the rest false. Shibli pointed out that what is happening in the Central Bank is forging seals where they are through the sale of hard currency, and this has led to the economic deficit in the country, stressing that the central bank auctions tinged the precipitant of corruption. (3) Bahaa al-Araji, Chairman of the Parliamentary Integrity Committee that the dismissal Shabibi was not on the floor of corruption and auctions but issued instructions caused a decline in the value of the dinar. (4) In order to guarantee the right Shabibi and accountable justice has been the formation of the parliamentary investigative committee of all the blocks fundamental!! (5) A member of the Parliamentary Legal Committee Hassoun Fatlawi that “may not be legally defamation Governor of the Central Bank” (6)

It seems to us that in the indictment specific points supposed to conservative demands to answer them, and they seem based on credible enough to charge very serious, and it seems that Iraq threatened massive losses due to the policy of the bank, whether for reasons within his law or to Jeremy his money manipulation. And so we find that we have the right to ask: Why all the fuss arose to defend him? Why wonder not distribute this “very careful on justice” Everyone Is the Parliament of such a commission for each minister to be investigated? Or not supposed to say Hassoun Fatlawi: “No defamation of any defendant,” he knows that libel defendant was a government manner with distinction until now, why refrain passport without other bank governor? Why raised defamation against him without the other, to the attention of Attorney? Is contained story deportation Minister Raad waterfall on any element is defamation media that mixing some facts a lot of false stories and unleashed the media to Anhishh without achieving more than a week, and is still going on, despite proof of innocence and although the theme does not contain any element of financial corruption, and on the contrary Shabibi completely from the case, and without raising any protest from Hassan Fatlawi or other?

This example memorandum filed to the President of the Republic group describes itself as “qualified Iraqi professional known for integrity and love for the homeland dear” (7), and talk about “campaigns defamatory and purifying and which have become reminiscent of what he did the Saddam regime fascist distortion to the reputation of citizens and senior officials in the state” Mstdeih Examples memory from the sixties to the Minister of Finance and the Governor of the Central Bank “unjustly accused of espionage.” The logic of this group that as long as there is at the moment of the history of the country, the Governor of the Bank wrongfully accused, you should not accuse any bank governor anymore, because it would be an injustice for sure! I have compassion on the Iraq logic “Kafaath known for integrity and love for the homeland dear”, even if we agreed with those of integrity and love.

And finds Dr. Kazem Habib that Shabibi accounting “really great puzzle!” And blames the “mystery” to “intellectual assets and basic policy from which the adopted prime minister,” and speaks of “attempts to dominate the central bank by the Prime Minister and the placement of the Bank’s policy to the will of the ruling ordering the wishes and policies partisan and personal” and that collided with “the will of the Governor of the Bank Central “who” committed Bank Law and the Iraqi constitution and characterized Secretariat full of his people and money that people “and declined to” respond to the will of the Prime Minister in violation of bank law and the Iraqi constitution by giving what he wants from the funds of the people “to describe it as” that the real danger imminent facing Iraqi society, which does not want to see other a lot, especially when the state is allied to Iraq is Iran “, and do not forget a way to criticize Iraq’s position (neutral) from Syria!

I do not know if Dr. Habib had a look at the above charges, though, how he considered all in one fell swoop, baseless? Really hard to describe this speech and Mgtath words … First we must Shabibi prophet to be accused of a large puzzle, and secondly already considered the charges were false but analyzed the causes warping and returned to the “intellectual and political assets from which” the prime minister! Investigation is talking about fraud, money laundering and manipulation of the auction, and although it does not find Habib threat to Iraq only to be an ally of Iran and is not involved NATO and Israel’s attack on Syria!

The conference newspaper wrote more than one article, one of “the defense of Sinan Shabibi,” says the author that what happened “is not supervised Iraq in any way, and does not pay his reputation with the global financial media.” P “honor Iraq” and reputation to be determined by this author “the global financial community,” noted the paper back to the party founder accused of stealing superpower by some “the global financial community.”

And continue Author: “that Dr. Shabibi Avdhala many financial realities in Iraq, in his built CBI reserves of Iraq over (76) billion U.S. dollars, after it was Iraq does not have any reserves (فإحتياطي Iraq did not come from the oil as it seems , but by the grace of the genius Dr. Shabibi! The word “his” reminiscent of kings who return preferred peoples’ lives for them in the “covenant”). Having praised the stability achieved Shabibi devaluation, back to say that “oscillations” Last “is not making Shabibi! “Stability of the finest,” The oscillations it yourselves! “ Finally finally admits: “There is no doubt that part of the dollars Almstrat of the Central Bank of suspicion of money laundering”, but the bank manager should not be held accountable in accordance with the present! As to why you should not, it is because by Author “in person and professional world, the son of Sheikh Mohammad Reza Shabibi great symbol of national symbols of Iraq, who is the brother of the martyr Asad Shabibi”, etc. (8) The article reiterates the “conference” as stated in the first article on the whole to confirm that Shabibi “Throughout the eight years he was able to promote the development of the Iraqi dinar and restore the prestige” (9)

Financial expert Majid picture also warns us touch the sacred and holy, or daring to investigate them because the implications of this accusation, will lead to “negative effects” on the confidence of international circles in the bank, and “disorder in the currency market in the relations between Iraq and the international financial institutions, and not to trust Iraqi economy and its institutions “! , Najiba Najib confirmed a member of the parliamentary Finance Committee, the same logic of this warning, as the “Foundation of the Central Bank reflect the sovereignty of Iraq.” (5) And confirmed a member of the economic and investment in Parliament Nora Salem البجاري that «timing topic is very serious because we are in the process of issuing invitations to invest and start projects re infrastructure, and the accusation sends messages serious investors not to deal with Iraq, and create a kind of mistrust its laws, especially the Central represents interface country cash in the world. She described the decision to appoint a new governor by the Council of Ministers exceeded the powers that the law «Central» make a separate body from the executive branch and the House of Representatives has the right to control it. The economist David Haidar Hussein that «This measure would create a crisis in the market because the price of the dinar would fall heavily influenced by statements against CBE officials. (10) And Athsv member of the Finance Committee National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri because the government lost a great opportunity for confidence after the World Bank put Iraq under the “positive gap”! (11) and rib mourns MP Prince Kanani fall “last bastion withstood the influence of the government” (12) without telling us in this stronghold, and was “steadfast” in which general government, and working for and legitimacy.

To compare the charges and defenses: charges specific numbers and reasons for auctions proved corruption and bias, and $ 220 billion sale 90% of them other than the required controls, money laundering and errors recognized Shabibi himself, but defenses are based on three axes: the first is the Family History Shabibi ancient, and therefore may not be be investigated with “ethnic separation”, which is the axis that has chosen newspaper conference, and the second axis is “serious charges and their negative impact on the financial situation of Iraq, and the confidence of global financial institutions by” and Sayers them say indirectly that cover up the irregularities, corruption and money laundering is the way health of the financial situation of Iraqi and international reputation, was of the heroes of this line MP Nora Salem البجاري and the National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein al-Yasiri, Majid picture and economy expert Haider Hussain Dawood and others. The third axis followed by a “qualified Iraqi” and Kazem Habib, not based on anything worth mentioning, فالمجموعة refers to an event in history as “evidence”, and Dr Kazem Habib is based on the opinion of Maliki and Iran and Syria, and can not find any reason to discuss the same charges which vehemently rejects!

Shabibi himself did not defend himself and the bank’s policy enthusiastic defenders who volunteered with him, he said: “I do not deny nor confirm the possibility of an employee or two in some errors, but in the practical context of the performance of the bank stress that our good work, and we are confident of integrity and professionalism to serve Iraq” (13)

As well as the position of Vice-Shabibi appearance of Dr. Mohammed Saleh, who said that this matter is something natural condition to be motivated well, “I do not consider it as interference in the work of the bank, no one interfere in the work of the bank, which has special law, these committees control and not procedural, as long as there in good faith and serve the public interest, we with these decisions, provided that there are no covert intentions. “and attributed Saleh, said that the causes of variation in the exchange rates of the dinar against foreign currencies during the past months to the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, and the problems of regional countries and trade finance with them, In addition to the size of public spending. (14)

And you can add an important hub of a fourth attack on al-Maliki’s decision indicates that the bank had an independent institution, and that al-Maliki was not authorized to that يحاسبها, and they are responsible to the House of Representatives only. Perhaps the most important of explaining this point and refuted the right of al-Maliki in the “dismissal” Shabibi or “pulling his hand” is Professor Ismail Al Timimi (15) In a special feature on the subject (16), but to return to another article of the same legal researcher find that dependency independent bodies much more complicated than speaking it معارضوا procedure, and that the Federal Court had previously ruled that “linking some independent bodies with the operational nature of the work the House is not consistent with the Council’s competence and contrary to the principle of separation of powers is not consistent with what has been working in the world’s parliaments, also find the Federal Court that (link) some independent bodies House does not preclude supervision activities by the Council of Ministers pursuant to the terms of reference contained in the Constitution, as Destinations is linked to the Ministry. ” (17)

So the decision to Maliki may be questionable rigor at best and not to blame him, but the weakness of the drafting of the constitution and the fact that the Federal Court to load more than the face of interpretation. But what is our interest is this enthusiasm and ensure full of innocence and the defense prior to the death by the defenders Shabibi and the legitimacy of its independence and its government institution! Where gained from Central Bank Governor Sinan al-Shabibi legitimacy? Alice Bremer? Is there a lot of men in the world who are more dirt than Bremer and most harm to Iraq of Negroponte partner in the establishment of terrorism and theft of money and smuggling of thieves and impose Gesalath on top of his power to destroy his chances? So why rise up those from the right and the left in defense of this legitimacy suspicious, confused and legally and constitutionally, rather than demanding change it immediately? We note that the protest was against just questioning Adapted Shabibi and the policy of his bank, and the charges against them. Clear that charges have reasonable grounds did not deny Shabibi himself and his closest associates! I wonder: if the government or the parliament has not يثيرا wonder what was behind the serious charges, then those practices revealed in some way, either those same preachers will fill the world banging government corruption and تسترها the thieves and the lack of concern for the public money?

Do not end up at this “elite” Iraqi, but there is something more disturbing .. Dennis McDonough U.S. national security adviser, accompanied by U.S. Ambassador Iraq’s new Robert Stephen Beecroft, They apparently toured pressure between the corridors of Iraqi politics, Fbgesa with Parliament Speaker Nujaifi “preserving the independence of the central bank and non-politicized to ensure contentment financial markets, banking and international institutions relevant “and it seems that they urged Parliament to intervene in the” in order to achieve the desired results in the installation of the pillars of democracy. “(18) It seems another news that this tour menacing included the country’s president and prime minister to confirm that “any investigation about the Iraqi Central Bank must be transparent, liberty and under Iraqi law and not subject to any influence of political influence in order to avoid undermining the independence of the Iraqi institutions and confirm investor confidence in Iraq “. To go Iraqi confidence in Iraq to hell! (19)

Only stayed to announce the Security Council to remove Iraq from Chapter VII depends on the position of Shabibi!

The hype itself, is supposed to raise anyone have a sense of sovereignty questions more Shabibi and banks and is the people’s trust that their representatives representing interests, much more important than “confidence of international institutions”, because it relates to the relationship of the citizen his regime’s political whole, and its independence and its ability to defend interests in the face of those “international institutions”. When not be able highest executive authority elected by the accounting officer Iraqis, responsible for Iraqi money, without the consent of U.S. National Security Advisor and satisfaction for the level of transparency that is administered by the investigation, we find ourselves in front of Hall and depth of the abyss into which put us America in return for removal of dictatorship that have already been imposed decades ago on our heads.

It is clear that “all citizens are equal before the law, but some more equal than others,” says Orwell in “Animal Farm” It is clear that the central bank governor, for his “international” and the importance of this position to suck the wealth of Iraq, “equality” beyond equality others, no one has ever awarded to an investigative committee “cross-sectarian” of all the political blocs, or volunteered to defend the “equated” These groups from right to left, and Iraq to the outside and down to the “national security adviser” U.S. demand transparency!!

Imagine if al-Maliki, but not just in official Iraqi National Security, meets with Obama and a few American ministers and ينبههم that the investigation in the case of the U.S. Federal Bank, or issue about JP Morkan, must be “transparent, free!” Allen fit this be a part of the film “Alice in Wonderland”? This note that for “JP Morkan” a direct impact on Iraq, and there is not, as assumed direct impact of the Central Bank of Iraq to America, but if we consider stolen wealth and ambitions including the remaining ones, “influential”. Then some talk about sovereignty, equality!

Follow my articles know that I am not an admirer never-Maliki economic policy, but I think it’s probably the country’s going to drain the wealth of the people and turn them into U.S. arms with the survival of people in poverty and underdevelopment. But this discharge the Maliki at this moment represents the legitimate authority elected in the country, even if it is not sound elections, has been rigged under the supervision of the Americans, against him than for him anyway. In this case, When some stand against al-Maliki in his struggle with Shabibi, for he stands كتحصيل holds, with Bremer’s authority and against the power of the people! User logic to defend will be the logic that determines the conflict between those branches now and in the future. This bank, which was founded by Bremer and put its law and appointed boss, return its reference real and practical not to the government nor to parliament nor to eliminate or any other Iraqi, but to the same gang of financial and political world, which coordinates the rest of blackmail alien force for Iraq and of its relations with Jordan, Kurdistan , and America, (and also ..?), this whole Iraq can not deal with it as they are usually dealing between countries and regions, his lawful authority can not be held accountable even Iraqi citizens who represent these groups, are associated with.

The “independent bodies” myth suspicious purposes and put the occupation on the basis of the principles of neo-liberalism which worships the free market without thinking. There is supposed to be given in a democracy anyone absolute powers can not be held accountable, let alone that the person is a Non-any electoral legitimacy!

And let us also believe promising doom and destruction, the Iraqi economy and reputation and falling shares and the loss of “positive gap” and other expressions of the Review resonant, been held accountable the Governor of the Bank, and to ask ourselves: Do we really want a system like this? Do we want system Ejerna between silence on corruption indicators and economic loss of reputation or the value depends on the country’s currency condoning fraud in the auction? And any reputation are those that rely on fraud and hide the thefts? Do we want a system in which the integrity of the person decide one eye one of the worst thieves occupation, Paul Bremer, the stability of the currency of the country? System can one person that cost the country billions of dollars in one fell swoop, and without that you shall have the authority to hold him accountable? And pray then perhaps this person be a prophet is different from all humans not affected by temptation or threat and “not done wrong in the hands of his successor?”

Why should we commit ourselves “free market” that they require to work miracles, and put the country’s economy and future generations in the tipping point, as inferred from the need absolute confidence the Governor of the Bank? Are the Iraqi people the option in its economic system, or is it Thabo exotic like blackmail imposed on the country and the government requires them silent, blackmail support Jordan and blackmail share Kurdistan?

I do not have to say a word in judging the behavior Shabibi, I can not from my vision details, nor the wisest without as did apologists without hesitation, even though my vision indicators several serious against him, and justify undoubtedly move the governmental and parliamentary and judicial investigation on it and hold him accountable like everyone else, and without be exposed to any pressure from the inside and from the American men’s national security. But what we can see clearly is that the case is this, that the issue of Iraqi Central Bank Governor and its repercussions International, is only proof that the “free market” contrary to the sovereignty and democracy as she puts over the legitimacy of the people, legitimate authorities global capital and the characters occupation. P “free market” is not only an expression Tzlili has nothing to do with freedom as understood by the people, but stands behind the most powerful institutions and the forces of global domination and secret police and their armies, and represents those institutions of the country’s citizens. Those authorities which at the moment is unfair of time, those laws were imposed on countries to no interest in this system, and even imposed based on the implementation of the expense. It is essential for those authorities to protect their representatives including deter elected governments and people held accountable institutions are doing their job – which can not be considered honorable. For this reason, there is, see and hear all those hysteria in order to protect those of accounting. It is simply another clear proof of the fact is clear: to adopt “free market”, not only give up its sovereignty over its wealth and freedom to dispose of them, but also their right to preserve them!