CBI confirms foiled robbery attempt [7] trillion dinars from some of its banks and is described as “absurd conspiracy”

The Central Bank of frustration trying to steal seven trillion dinars from some of its banks.   The deputy governor of Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told all of Iraq [where] “It’s already been frustrated trying to pull [7] trillion Iraqi dinars from some of the banks of the Central Bank has been detected from some government banks and help banks, civil, and we are still conducting an investigation to determine their motives.”   He added that “this attempt remains a crime purely economic, irrespective of whoever those behind them, but plot is ridiculous and desperate in the presence of effective security system to prevent any breach of the withdrawal or transfer funds without going through according to the controls and contexts fundamentalist,” adding that “such attempts occur in all countries of the world. “   Some media reports have picked up bid rigging [Formh] for the withdrawal of seven trillion dinars from the Rafidain Bank has not ruled out the help of the parties to be political.