CBI calls to publish the results of the Committee responsible for monitoring the work

Asked the central bank to publish all the results of the Committee responsible for monitoring the work of the bank formed by the House of Representatives, with confirmation that the Bank said Committee has conducted its investigation and reached results with the complete absence of the opinion of the Central Bank and his ignorance of the issues that were investigated.

The bank statement issued on Wednesday and received a “news agency Uzmatk” a copy of House Speaker Osama Nujaifi said when he received Iraqi Central Bank Governor on 10.6.2012 that there is a need to investigate the dealings bank in the currency market foreign as that there is a need to view the subject of this transaction on the Integrity Commission.

The statement stressed that while the show where the central bank respect the decisions of the House of Representatives and the government and shared in the concern for the public money it confirms at the same time its readiness to cooperate with regulators to diagnose shortcomings with its focus in the defense of his works and achievements, particularly in the field of exchange market and the stability of this market The fight for inflated prices with an explanation of all the concepts on which the foreign currency auction, which is considered one of the monetary policy instruments and based on the provisions of the Constitution and the law of the Central Bank in force.