CBI calls for 30 international companies to develop the retail payment systems

CBI announced, Tuesday, sent invitations to more than 30 international companies specialized in the development of retail payment systems for the development of the old regimes in place in Iraqi banks.

The statement said the bank got “obelisk” a copy of “in the quest CBI to develop the banking industry in Iraq and to add advanced tools in the area of payments, the Central Bank announced the launch of the development of the payment system retail through the creation of divided national platform and reciprocity of payment via mobile” .

He said that “in order to implement the project in accordance with international standards in the areas of retail payment has been sent invitations to more than thirty international companies specialized in this area to participate in the bidding for the implementation of this national project.”

Iraqi banks suffer from the use of payment systems the old routine and impediments to facilitate the tasks of the investor or depositors and therefore refrain from dealing with Iraqi banks.