Budget approved under the supervision of the International Monetary and can not be reduced

Parliamentary Finance: Budget approved under the supervision of the International Monetary and can not be reduced

16.05.2016 8:58

Budget approved under the supervision of the International Monetary and can not be reduced[Wayne – special]
parliamentary finance committee, said that the federal budget for the current year 2016 can not be lowered, indicating that the House of Representatives approved the budget in coordination with the International Monetary Fund after the offering.
The International Monetary Fund has told Iraq the need to edit the budget for fiscal 2016 bill to be reduced in order to hopefully disbursement of the loan over the next few days.
He said the Commission ‘s decision Masood Haider told all of Iraq [where] that ” the 2016 budget was law legislation which is installed by legislation in Parliament, and can not be reduced, where the budget to determine in coordination with the international Monetary Fund and World Bank, and against which expressed the Fund ‘s willingness to lend Iraq $ 5 billion, and now Iraq negotiate on that. ”
he added that” by reading the budget in a timely manner, has been delaying approval for a period of two weeks in order to negotiating with the international Monetary and have studied the bill and therefore confirmed that they are on the light will support Iraq. ”
He said Haider that” there are many things, including taxes and fees collection and encourage the private sector , said the UN Secretary – General Ban Ki – moon during his speech in parliament, as well that the international Monetary conditions are clear and the Iraq stimulate the private sector and provide employment where jobs and reduce the pressure on the public sector, and the imposition of collection fees and find other sources of revenue for the state not to rely only on oil. ”
the presidency of the parliament blocs and parliamentary committees have called for an urgent meeting yesterday Sunday to take legislative and legal measures necessary to ask the international Monetary fact that the “government Treasury is unable to pay and benefits for the people without access to this loan salaries.”
arrived Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, on Saturday , to the Jordanian capital of Amman on the head of a large government delegation “to resume negotiations with the international Monetary Fund to seal the Stand -by agreement , which will provide Iraq with financial support to enable it to overcome the financial crisis and reduce the gap in the budget so as to enhance economic and financial system reform in the country. ”
the delegation included the Governor of the Central Bank and the chancellor economic Prime Minister and senior ministries of oil officials and electricity planning and BSA as well as public bodies for Customs, taxes and retirement, experts and the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank.
According to a statement of the ministry said , ” The first session was held on Saturday morning with the IMF experts were reviewing the technical aspects of the agreement and the obligations opposite of the two sides, and that the negotiations will continue until Wednesday, and it is hoped that the termination of these arrangements during this period. ”