Barzani’s Party Expects The Presidential Crisis To End Soon

Barzani’s Party Expects The Presidential Crisis To End Soon

05/27/2022 | 11:49 AM

Barzanis Party Expects The Presidential Crisis To End SoonInformation/Baghdad.

A member of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Subhi Al-Mandalawi, expected, on Friday, the end of the crisis of the presidency of the republic after the agreement of the Kurdish parties, indicating that the United Nations pushed the Kurdish parties towards a solution.

Al-Mandalawi said in an interview followed by “The Information” that “the coming days will witness the resolution of differences regarding the position of the President of the Republic after a rapprochement between the Kurdish parties, and that our candidate for the position of the Presidency of the Republic is still Reber Ahmed.”

He added, “The United Nations is trying to reunite the Kurdish house, and it has confirmed that the solution to the political blockage stems from Kurdistan, and that the President of the Region is the one who asked the United Nations to intervene to solve the Kurdistan crisis.”

He explained that “the Kurdish parties feel threatened by the political differences in Baghdad, and that the Democrat was not the cause of the differences between the framework and the current.” Ended 25 D