Banking expert: Iraqi banks need advanced technology to be sober

On: Tuesday 28/02/2012 12:04

Baghdad (news) .. Noted banking expert Mohsen Ali importance of the introduction of technology banking modern world in the work of Iraqi banks and training of staff to develop their work. Ali (of the Agency news) said on Tuesday: The Iraqi banks two branches of public and private need to introduce new technology in place in most international banks and training capacity human on these techniques and the English language in order to communicate with the world in order to be Iraqi banks sober and with a good reputation. He added that the introduction of these techniques need to exchange large sums of money and some private banks do not have the ability to buy the devices must be on the federal government to help them and give Sufficient funds to raise them.

said: that the citizen’s confidence in banks located on the contrary statements by some officials, noting that the Iraqi banks roots are deep and committed to the norms banking world but requires modern techniques in their work. / Finished / 8. d. Q /