Assurances in the absence of banking strategies for our banks

BAGHDAD / JD / .. The Director of Statistics and Research at the Central Bank of Iraq and Walid Idi Abdul Nabi absence strategies banking actors and detailed plans annual prescribed by the Banking Act not dominated banks.

said Abdul Nabi said in an interview / for JD / addition to the lack of planning find that market bourse lacks in Iraq to institutions chock of the banking system, such as insurance companies on deposits and other large loans, and companies to study the market risk, noting that banking services are not commensurate with the requirements and economic needs in light of the shift towards a market economy.

and pointed out that the number of services limits (15 ) service compared to its availability Article (27) of the Banking Act, which amount to more than (50) banking service, as well as poor use of banking technologies and sagging administrative structure in a lot of banks, especially government.

pointed out that there are other problems related to high volume of non-performing loans which amounts to (193) billion dinars in favor of the government against (50) billion dinars to the private banks