An economist reveals the secrets of the “last night” before dismissing the central governor… and a close decision regarding the dollar

An economist reveals the secrets of the “last night” before dismissing the central governor… and a close decision regarding the dollar


An economist reveals the secrets of the last night before dismissing the central governor... and a close decision regarding the dollarInformation / Baghdad..
Economic expert Nabil Jabbar Al-Tamimi ruled out, on Tuesday, that the decision to change the governor of the Central Bank would be political, suggesting a decline in dollar prices in the coming days.

Al-Tamimi said in a Facebook post seen by Al-Maalouma: “I rule out that the decision to end the mandate of the former central bank governor is related to political reasons and goals, but rather it is linked to a measure of the governor’s ability and measures in facing the crisis.”

He added, “The Sudanese Prime Minister adopted the policies of the Central Bank during the past two months and provided support to his previous administration, and removed suspicions about rumors related to the existing exchange rate crisis and its relationship to internal or external conflicts, but an event took place the night before the termination of the assignment and the appointment of a new governor for the bank.” The Central Committee may be the most influential on the Sudanese decision to end the assignment.

He explained that “that night witnessed a meeting attended by the Prime Minister, the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and the Governor of the Central Bank, in addition to other government officials, and according to the leaks about this meeting, the governor’s answers were not convincing about the issues raised in the meeting, and this meeting may have an impact on changing Al-Sudani’s point of view towards his support.” to the former governor and end his mandate.

As for the appointment of Al-Alaq, Al-Ali pointed out that “Al-Alaq is a former governor of the Central Bank, and he also held several positions specialized in monetary and banking affairs inside or outside Iraq with international organizations or international financial institutions as a representative of Iraq, and he is politically descended from the Dawa Party, the party that rearranged His situation will be restored in state institutions after the elections and the formation of the government.

He pointed out that “the party may present a set of visions and policies that support its mission, including the monetary policies of Iraq, and it has a tendency to reconsider reducing the exchange rate and raising the value of the Iraqi dinar again, and the party may see in appointing the relationship an opportunity to draw such directions in the near future.”