An American diplomat bid farewell to Baghdad with a message: I will carry part of Iraq with me forever

An American diplomat bid farewell to Baghdad with a message: I will carry part of Iraq with me forever

Posted, 7/30/2020 21:20

An American diplomat bid farewell to Baghdad with a message - I will carry part of Iraq with me foreverAyna News – Baghdad

The acting Chargé d’Affairs at the US embassy, ​​Brian McKevitters, announced on Wednesday that his work in Iraq has ended, confirming his country’s commitment to building a relationship with Baghdad based on mutual trust and respect.

“I had the honor to serve as Deputy Chief of Mission in Baghdad last year, which has witnessed more fluctuations than necessary. There has been a lot of change over the past year. In October of 2019 we witnessed a real, fundamental movement, through which the Iraqi people demanded change,” Macfitters said in a statement. And reap better opportunities and better government services and the desire for a sovereign and free country to determine its fate without the influence of corrupt forces. ”

He added: “We have also witnessed the emergence of a global pandemic that has severely affected us in both Iraq and the United States, and we have resumed a strategic dialogue between our two countries to work more closely to advance our shared goals and values.”

He continued: “However, much remains the same, as we remain committed to our partnerships with the Iraqi government to support the aspirations of the Iraqi people for a better future, and we continue to support the efforts of the Independent High Electoral Commission to conduct fair and transparent elections, as well as continue to support the health sector in Iraq to purchase devices Ventilator and protective equipment for Iraqi workers in the medical field, and we were the first government to provide reliable testing equipment to Iraqi laboratories to diagnose those infected with COFED-19.

He explained: “We fund – or in fact we are the largest funders – of various UN programs, international organizations, and NGOs to fight a pandemic. Corona, we continue to foster greater interactions between the Iraqi and American private sector, to include those support efforts to provide continuous electricity to Iraq. Moreover, we support education projects and the preservation of cultural heritage throughout Iraq, from Babylon to Mosul. ”
He noted that“ the United States is committed to building a relationship with Iraq based on mutual trust and respect, and we will continue to enhance these efforts and expand our relationship. I am pleased by the fact that I was part of cementing this long-term partnership. ”
McFitters concluded his statement by saying:“ I will carry a portion of Iraq with me forever, and thus I will not say goodbye, but I will say goodbye. ”