Al-Kazemi’s advisor sets basic conditions for early elections to be held within 8 months

Al-Kazemi’s advisor sets basic conditions for early elections to be held within 8 months

Posted, 17/7/22 22:34

Al-Kazemis advisor sets basic conditions for early elections to be held within 8 monthsWhere is the news _ Baghdad:

Advisor to the Prime Minister for Election Affairs, Abdul Hussein Al-Hindawi, Thursday, July 16, 2020, set several conditions with which it was possible to hold early elections within 8 months, including limiting arms to the state and ending the Corona crisis, while noting that any delay in resolving the election law in the Council Representatives will delay the work of the Electoral Commission by preparing for elections and delay the electoral process as well.

Al-Hindawi said, during his hosting of the program (Shortest Roads) presented by Dr. Nabil Jassem on Al Sharqiya News Channel, “The issue of fair early elections is the first point in the Ministry’s platform for Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and he is committed to that, and it is a basic and very possible point.” 3 teams, the first concerned with the legislative side and the second procedural, and there is a team concerned with the media file. ”

He added, “We are looking for solid international teams to monitor the elections that do not interfere in Iraqi affairs. It has previously happened that embassy staff participated in monitoring and this matter is flawed and the United Nations also failed to monitor the electoral process in Iraq,” noting that “the elections are a political decision and without it will not be, and must There will be sound and sincere intentions to find fair elections. ”

Al-Hindawi added, “There are two aspects regarding the process of holding the first elections, the Corona pandemic, and the second security. There are 4 sides that must be available, the first is the electoral law and a shift has occurred, as it will approve the electoral districts, individual nomination, and the biggest problem is that the tables for the electoral districts have not been completed, and the second is the presence Election Commission, third international and fourth audience public education.

He said, “We heard that some of the forces that supported the multiple constituencies retracted their position,” explaining that “the multiple constituencies in the manner proposed were not applicable and we suggest reducing the number of constituencies to 80 throughout Iraq and within 8 months it is possible to hold elections in the event that an electoral law and the election commission are available International recognition and a well-informed audience.

Al-Hindawi pointed out that “any delay in resolving the election law in the House of Representatives will delay the work of the Electoral Commission and the holding of elections without restricting the arms of the state. It will not guarantee that it is fair or impartial, that weapons and violence should be removed near the electoral districts, and a ministerial committee will be formed to achieve this goal and must The elections are preceded by procedures for restricting weapons and neutralizing their role.

And he stated that “things must also be raised clearly to deter weapons and limit its role in the electoral process with political forces, and if the political will is available, early and fair elections will be held, and the government or the election commission cannot take a step without a complete electoral law, and we do not know yet Will the law be adopted, or will there be another law?

Al-Hindawi pointed out that “the new election law does not need the law of parties because it included the reference to individual nomination and not on the basis of party lists, and the biometric system must be used, not manual, and it is possible to use modern technology to accelerate the results.”

“We strongly support the use of the United Nations, but with the control of the Iraqi government, there is an official Iraqi negligence that has weakened the role of the United Nations in this area and the issue of financial financing for the conduct of the electoral process is not a problem,” he stressed.